Gran Tursmo 4 Review: Genre-Defining

Gran Turismo 4 Review

Gran Turismo 4 is genre-defining with GT in general. In 1998, we saw the first of the GT series which, through a combination of realistic driving physics, massive car rosters aimed at pleasing the obsessive collectors in all of us, and courses from around the world, brought us to the limit that any PlayStation gamer, that was a car enthusiast, could ever hope to experience. Topped off with state-of-the-art graphics and sound presentation, which was majestic, we saw the start of the greatest realistic driving series ever to grace any platform. Now, with the fourth installment in the series, the originally titled Gran Turismo 4, we find the franchise at the peak of its quantitative powers in a game that makes superlatives such as “big” and “sprawling” seem somehow inadequate. Yet beneath all the considerable content, Gran Turismo 4 remains remarkably similar to previous iterations in the series, which, depending on your point of view, may or may not be a good thing.

Gran Turismo 4 features more than 800 cars from more than 95 manufacturers. As you might expect, the lineup leans heavily toward American, Japanese, British, and German makes, though you’ll also have access to cars from Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Korea, among other countries. This variety is not simply limited to country of origin, however. The cars found in GT 4 range not only in their power and prestige, but also in their ages. The game features cars from every major era of auto manufacturing: from 1960s muscle cars, to powerful Japanese turbo machines to one-off concept cars that won’t see city asphalt for at least the 10 years or maybe ever, to examples from the very dawn of the auto era.

Lots of cars, lots of action in races, great online modes, and much more. There is not much more to say about this. Buy it while you can and before it sells out.

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