GT5 Prologue: PC Bound…Maybe

GT 5 Prologue will be released sometime soon in America. And there is a whole lot we do not know about it still apparently.

Yeah, people will be laughing, having a blast, and will most likely break their controllers trying to make a sharp turn on this PS3 racer. Looks like they will have to step aside though as Polyphony Digital’s Kazunori Yamauchi revealed that Gran Turismo 5 might make an appearance on the PC.

There are certainly some exciting features to come from GT when it is released, and it most likely will not be on any other console. Some of the excitement might even be looking up for the PC. We want people to mark a new beginning in the series.

Hear that PC world? Gran Turismo 5 maybe coming to your crazy setups after all. Have a cup of cocoa and sit at ease as more news comes to you from around the globe. We will be here.

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  1. “crazy setups” LOLOL.

    PC gaming… meh.

  2. This game looks pretty AWESOME.

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