GTA IV For PC Very Doubtful

Okay, who here is not crazy for GTA IV? Seriously. 360 fans running a muck about it and their DLC with PS3 fans going crazy over finally playing one of the most anticipated titles to date. Even the PC crowd is joining in on the action and asking about when it is likely GTA will come for the PC (e.g. 12 months+).

We hate to ruin the party for all the PC hopefuls out there, but Rockstar’s Nick Hersh, one of the associate producers,  has something to say and you might want to sit down for this:

As for GTA IV coming out on the PC, that’s very doubtful as we currently have no plans to develop for the PC. We could only focus our efforts extensively on so many consoles at once, and PC might not see the light of day.

And the music stops. The DJ’s headphones pop out at the PC party crowd as the record warps a bit back. It is dead silent. Nobody move.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.


  1. lets just hope that the online for GTA4 isn’t screwed up. If it is, I’m sure some clever hacker will make a mod for pc.

  2. Where are your sources? I would like to see a link, otherwise this is just web crap.

  3. Have you never heard of a direct confirmation?

    ghost88 replied on January 25th, 2010 8:31 PM:

    I think they’re just saying what was told to them. You people need to stfu.

  4. I wouldn’t mind a little more detail as well. I started a thread over at PC Gamer magazine’s forums about just this very topic–why hadn’t anyone ever pressed Rockstar about the PC version of GTA IV:

    I’m not familiar with your site but this looks to me like the first time anybody has gotten this much detail in a quote from Rockstar before. Can you lend us a little more specificity as to the quality of your source?

    When I emailed Rockstar about this issue, this was all I got:

    Thanks for the email. Unfortunately, since we haven’t announced plans for any possible PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV, I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for you. Stay tuned to the Rockstar Games official website for details on all of our upcoming game announcements.


    Rockstar Games

  5. Sorry but I just have to say this:

    They replyed my e-mail and told me that they`ll post it on their website if its official. Giving away such news without any source or background is just stupid. I hope they announce GTA IV to PC a month after the console release, like they always had, and prove you wrong..

  6. I heard October 30. A German website is already offering the PC version for pre-order.

  7. Why the hell are we speculating things and hoping for a PC release. There are a lot of good games for PC Gamers from last year as well as this year. COD4, BIOSHOCK, CRYSIS, ASSASSINS CREED to name a few. Even if ROCK* do not release the game on PC this year, PC gamers have alot of good games coming their way. MAFIA 2 would be releasing for PC along with consoles on Oct, 31 2008 which is going to be an even better game than GTA 4. I feel sorry for all of you who were sucked into buying PS3 or XBOX 360 just for a game.
    Here is some more BIG NEWS. Along with Mafia 2 there is another successfull title making its way to all PC Gamers. Ang this one is gonna Rock cause it’s ………………….SAINTS ROW 2(Release date 14th Oct,2008)…………Your chance to play a Gangsta all over again…………….Mafia 2 and Saints Row 2 will surely make people forget about GTA 4 for a longtime. So even ifff Rockstar decides to release their GTA 4 this November they would have to face stifff competition.

  8. The weblink asks for donation if you want to sign the petition. There was ipetition website to request the release of Liberty City stories to PC and I saw thousands of people signed it. Rock* did not even take a notice about it. Take Two and Rock* are in this business to make money and money is what they care about. They do not care about the Game fans.

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