GTA IV: Multiplayer Details Just Hit The Hay!

There are 15 multiplayer game modes in GTA IV apparently. The rules of each game are determined by each mode. Does this mean no traditional RANKED GAMES??? Cue the small voice of disappointment.

Multi-player supports up to 16 players. Your online character is fully customizable, and you can alter his race, sex, hair, clothing etc to sexy him up. Yes ladies! You can play females too apparently.

The game modes featured are as follows:

1. Hangman’s NOOSE
2. Car Jack City
3. Bomb da Base
4. Bomb da Base II
5. Mafia Work
6. Team Mafia Work
7. Deathmatch
8. Team Deathmatch
9. Turf War
10. Cops N Crooks
11. Race
12. GTA Race
13. Deal Breaker
14. Free Mode
15.Car Jack City

Strip joints and comedy clubs are in the game, in a way that is “enough to make your head spin.” You can see planes flying through the airport, and if you look closely you will even see the pilots. Driving alongside one earned the test a 4-star wanted level. Niko managed to get this response from a cop he encountered: “I’m a cop… and you’re a dickhead!” Houser wasn’t able to elaborate much on the subject of multi-player, however, he did say that is was possible to get together online just to chill out in-game: “I’ll meet you in a car and we will hang and just drive and listen to music, chilling in the car, with your 3D model sat next to me,” he says. Newer cars’ paint jobs will look a lot nicer than older cars, which will look rusted and bland. Bullet holes and dirt are permanent markings on cars. Structural damage is possible, “ripping chunks out of the plaster with gunfire.What if these game modes are all a lie and some BS Rockstar made up for the hell of it?–WOULD THIS MAKE THE CONSUMER MAD? Probably.

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