GTA IV: PS3 Or 360? -Judge With Truthful Evidence

Shit…What I Do Now?

These past months leading to the release of the highly anticipated GTA IV have
been full of controversy. Main topic: PS3 vs 360. Which one should I get it for? Preorders have been switched back and forth by gamers around the globe as new information regarding the subject has come forth. And again, new information this past week has caught all of our our eyes. From the the leaked gameplay videos to the sales statistics down under.

The facts are here from all around the web, with a little bit of our own comments to add from our hands-on with the game. We will, however, reserve most of our comments to ourselves and let you decide. After all, that is what this is for.

Around the web, there have been statements by many devs in interviews stating the 360 version is brighter and has slightly more vibrant color while the PS3 build has less aliasing issues.

I do not know about most of you out there, but if everyone is going this crazy on which
platform to buy it on, I think people will and should be concerned about the ‘subtle differences’
between the two. So, the 360 has slightly more vibrant colors as well as being brighter. One would assume it is the general saturated feel that most 360 games tend to have, as founder of Rockstar Sam Houser, points out later below. And the PS3 version has less anti-aliasing issues. Meaning there are minor AA issues, which the PS3 has less of. Sam Houser also refers a bit to this below.

From 1UP’s GTA Q&A with Sam Houser:

There is a slight difference in the way they look. I think that’s to do with really
low-level technical stuff that I’m not the guy to explain. The 360 games have a certain
look to them; PS3 games have a certain look to them. I like the way [the PS3] renders.
There is a certain kind of softness without being blurry — some warmth to it — and
then there is a certain more clinical element to how the 360 looks.

Our Take: We will keep it simple as we have compared both the 360 and PS3 ones extensively during previews. The 360 one, contrary to the early previews and as of the latest preview stages, is a bit darker and has a few AA issues to this day. Overall a little more toned out so to say in terms of the color hue. There is not much contrast as there is more saturation, which does tend to wash out the colors a tiny bit, which is noticeable if you compare it to the PS3 that comes with a more vivid color palette and softer edges. The washed out colors somewhat help to mask the AA issues on the 360 though, so it seems to match up with the PS3 relatively. That is quite possibly the best explanation you guys will ever get. No bullshit here.

In previous parts of 1UP’s Q&A, Houser talks about the issues of the 360 regarding
things such as disc space, as well as not having a built in hard drive in every
machine. He describes how Microsoft needs to get around to a solution soon;

It is not like our games are going to get any smaller.

Is this implying or suggesting the next GTA could not be on the 360 if it still has issues as such? Houser also spoke of how the PS3 was more of a challenge, with them not being used to the platform initially, they still had to get comfortable with it, unlike the 360 where it has much more of a PC environment.

Houser goes on to say that the differences are minimal (as all developers would say when
their games are multiplatform), saying he likes the way the PS3 renders, over the 360 and that the 360 has more of a clinical element to how it looks. Since we personally got to preview most of the stages of GTA IV recently, we can only state that the PS3 version did have more of a vivid picture itself, take that as you will.

Does this mean it has, generally, less issues than the 360 version?

Despite the comments made by Sam Houser, Rockstar employees, and multiple gaming
journalists we met up with personally, ‘both versions offer superior graphics.’ The facts are, everyone is afraid to reveal the truth and state plain out that there are differences. As if the public will not get to compare the games themselves at some point anyways.

The question is, superior to what? To themselves? Now that does not make much sense,
seeing they are not identical versions, one must look better then the other, especially if people can spot the differences by playing both. But keep in mind, from GameSpy, to the IGN Network to 1UP…they wouldn’t exactly be the ones to go out and tell consumers which platform is ‘superior’, now would they? In fact, even we do not do it. Rockstar wouldn’t like that, trust me on this one.

The fact is, one is better then the other. DLC is dated for this Fall, around the same
time as many big titles (on both 360 and PS3 are arriving), such as Gears of War 2,
Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet, Home, Fable 2, and so on. Will you really NEED more GTA
IV gameplay? One would think that it is already packed with enough, why the need to buy
more? Especially if both consoles will be occupied by newer releases. But when it comes down to it the question is: which will sell more?

From EB Games Australia:

Contrary to what many expected, it seems as though the PlayStation 3 version is
selling more than the Xbox 360. T he PS3 version is selling three times more than its rival – the Xbox 360. While pre-sales figures show both versions selling fairly close, the PS3 version is in the lead.

Will the trend continue? Time will tell.

The decision is yours, but at the end of the day, no matter what console you buy it
on, a fact clearly stands out: it is one hell of a game. But for those who like to have the best, even by a hair, you better think twice.


Update: EGM review states the same thing as our comments. Good to know someone other than us has some bollocks.


PS3 or 360 version: 360 for DLC, PS3 version looks slightly more vibrant and sharp.

Will future reviews have the same opinion? Come around near the game’s release to get the best review for GTA IV right here to find out.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.


  1. I always think twice about my Hair … is important when going into the public eye.

    Wait and See …………

  2. hmmm…so what you’re saying is: PS3 version is superior we just cant say it before release.

  3. I hope so, that’s my destination even though I have both consoles…

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