Guess Who’s Back, Back Again: Take Two Is Back; and Ken Levine

Ken Levine Looking Ahead To BioShock 2 AfterallJust to be clear, Ken Levine never really left anyways, despite the rumors. In a call, Take-Two fancy-pants confirmed that BioShock producer Ken Levine was still involved in the 2K Marin sequel, and that a new triple-A Rockstar title would emerge around 2009.When quizzed on why the Bioshock work was placed in the hands of 2K Marin, and whether Levine was still rocking out to it, the company CEO Ben Feder said that Levine was a “terrific asset to the company,” and that he was working on both BioShock 2 and a different IP.



Interestingly enough, they hinted at letting everyone know that Max Payne is not exactly dead. Guess that’s no surprise since the films is about to be released. Either way, what exactly is this triple AAA title? I’d like to imagine it is “L.A. Noire,” but who knows where that title is. Alas! A thought just rushed to the head. What if the company just told us what the heck is happening with that title instead of using misnomers? We’d all be very lucky.

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