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Halo 2 Review

There is not much we can say about Halo 2. In general, you all read our review about Halo 1 and many of you agreed regarding the bad decision to not have cooperative multiplayer campaign. Halo 2 is sadly not what Halo: Combat Evolved was. It comes packed with a rather short campaign and a disappointing storyline that’s just extremely annoying. It still manages to get the multiplayer demands from feedback for people completely wrong, but is still an exceptional shooter that frequently delivers thrilling moments.

We will not cover single-player here for a good reason. But should you all choose to play it, you will realize why it is disappointing. It leaves players with more questions than they initially started off with, and even manages to confuse others. Despite all this, Halo comes with an amazing and well-balanced difficulty settings, two-player cooperative campaign option via LAN or single-player and assorted multiplayer modes similar to the first one.

It is just a shame Microsoft Game Studio’s didn’t listen to me when I spoke with the creative director on the title of Halo 1. They feel it is too much work, and too little efficiency in the current console market to even worth considering at this point in time. Will they change their minds? Maybe. For now, there will not be any cooperative play in Halo 2 which leaves a lot more people than me frustrated.

Halo 2 Review

Either way, if you liked Halo 1, Halo 2 is the same thing minus the exception of better graphics and worse storyline. Should you choose to buy it: think very carefully.

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