Halo 4 Collector’s Edition Review: The King Reclaims The Throne

Halo 4 brings the legend back to the big screen. Master Chief has returned with a passion and 343 Industries’ Halo 4 is undeniably an action-infused adventure that resplendently creates a level of gaming prowess that is incredible. The seamless visuals and the nostalgic qualities of Halo 4 make it one of the best Halo’s to be created not just as a AAA title, but also a creation by a studio that had the burden of living up to the success of Bungie’s former Halo glory. Halo 4’s storyline pacing is incredible, the sandbox style adventure of gaming is refined, and the multiplayer is reinvigorated with the right elements of the classic niche that Halo made the multiplayer universe of Xbox Live. Halo 4 delivers on all accounts and creates a title to be remembered.

Halo 4 begins on Forward Unto The Dawn as Master Chief is called back to action. The title primarily plays on elemental themes of humanity and artificial intelligence losing its own individuality. The title blends a lot of alien warfare elements and great set-pieces of storyline to a whole new level and we rather not ruin the storyline in any way here like other websites have been. Instead we will mention that the storyline does have great character development plotlines that add to the experience and the sudden plot twists are immensely appreciated with refined nuances of dramatic dialogue.

Halo 4’s singleplayer is immense in terms of its open-world sandbox style level of exploration. The mission objectives and structure is still relatively linear but the process in how things can be accomplished is very vast. One can take a route of dealing with enemy Covenant head on or going around them by flying a Pelican or taking the traditional Warthog and running them over for kicks and guns blazing. Weapons have been reintroduced with fervor and the bulk of the gameplay experience remains classical with run and gun. Not much has changed in the formula but Halo 4 recreates a level of design that is revitalizing in its gameplay and one that brings back nostalgia of a title that has so many elements of games that came before it and refined on so much more.

Halo 4’s competitive multiplayer is the crowning achievement of the entire series, and not one of the titles has ever had a horrible or even a weak multiplayer. Halo 4 brings back not just online campaign cooperative mode but also War Games as a fiction of the world’s canon. The multiplayer storyline element takes place after the main campaign as SPARTAN-IV soldiers train on the training grounds and keeps the elements of storyline going. Unfortunately, fire-fight is gone along with some serious match-making for the campaign and this is a great loss because it is helps to smooth out gameplay issues and something 343 Industries needs to fix as it kind of is insulting to Halo. In any case, Spartan Ops is essentially a type of space TV series format which furthers the storyline each week and includes mission types that can be played cooperatively or singularly.  As players game, they gain XP and achievements (of course) that contribute to unlocking weapon slots, armor upgrades, and styles for their personal Spartan warrior through the in-depth upgrade system. Halo 4’s multiplayer keeps to the same formula, and while the lack of matchmaking is a disappointment in terms of campaign mode, the competitive multiplayer is a resounding success with newer custom maps and even inclusion of the Forge editor.

Halo 4 does a lot of things right. It has action, it has adventure, and it has a whole lot of alien carnage that will leave veterans pleased and new-comers (surprisingly) to the series left wanting to play all the former titles. While multiplayer is sorely lacking in terms of server connectivity and match-making system problems, it is still the same multiplayer that fans of the Halo series have known for quite some time. 343 Industries has delivered an unprecedented shooter among the Xbox’s already incredible shooter base and takes its role as one of the best shooters of the year.

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