Happy 10th Birthday StarCraft

Our favorite PC RTS had its 10th birthday today. (Or yesterday, depending on where you are in the world) Of course Blizzard loves to woo us with some stats.

The year of its release, more than 1.5 million copies of StarCraft were sold around the world, making it the bestselling PC game of 1998. To date, it has sold more than 9.5 million copies worldwide. A considerable number of those copies have been sold in South Korea, where the game continues to enjoy unprecedented levels of popularity.

Here’s to hoping that Starcraft 2 releases this year on schedule and shatters those records. I know I’ll be upgrading my PC as soon as the specs for the game are released. What do you think the specs for SC2 will be?

StarCraft’s 10-Year Anniversary: A Retrospective [Blizzard.com]

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