Harry Potter Back In Our Hearts Thanks To EA

The Joker. I mean Harry Potter..I mean Daniel…I mean..!?

Harry Potter returns with Harry Potter and AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE for PS3, and 360 slated for a late fall 2008 release. Who’s deving it? Our good friends at EA who put so much work into the previous title, and no doubt will continue to do so here.

We believe that the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince video game represents a milestone in the movie tie-in genre. Building on the technological advancements of previous games in the series and with a particular focus on the unique control system of Nintendo’s WiiTM, the team here is working closely with the filmmakers to create an immersive interactive experience that captures the story, the action, the excitement and, above all, the fun of the film. – Harvey Elliott, Head of EA Bright Light studio in the UK

We hope…fingers Crossed…someone cross their legs…we are too tired for that.

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  1. wasn’t the last harry potter game basically just 10 hours of housecleaning the Hogwarts castle?

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