Helping The Modding Scene: “28 Months Later” and The Next Film Title Revealed – Sort Of.

I’m personally a huge fan of mods for PC games, and love to see what all the inordinate things that people take as results to their hard efforts become through a form of creativity that even shocks the publishers themselves.

So, as of recently, a bunch of people from our audience, and members of the Crysis Mod Community, have come to me to help them get permission for their ventures. Most have started on it and still received no reply from the movie companies themselves. Luckily for them, WhatIfGaming is transitioning into movie reviews after my independent reviewing experience, and we can help.

First up: 28 Months Later

Needs no real introduction. It is easy to acquiesce a mod that takes the form of the infected into the stunning reality of a small island made possibly by the latest Cry Engine. The mod itself is apparently slated to release with the first public build for Crysis Warhead, which we thought looked great due to the subtleties of the graphical improvements (some not so subtle–film grain increased, particles) and the strong engine. The reader, part of the dev team, needed our help. So, we did what we do best. We are magnanimous.

Our response to reader: You do not need permission for a mod called 28 Months Later, but seeing as how it might still be called “the infected” for enemies, you probably do as that is most likely copyright by the development studios.

DNA Films PR responds:

We are actually very fine to the prospect of the 28 horror survival series being used through a video game as an interactive fan collaboration on a high scale. After viewing the documents here:, we are more than happy to give consent to use the IP as they see fit to make a mod with similar characters and or persons from the film provided no commercial distribution. Just a hint though: the next one might not be what people think it is.

And now for the film side of things, we have it on good word that the title of the next film in the series is looking very good to the proposal of: 28 Minutes Later, set in Paris, France.  That’s right fans of the series. Expect this title on movie posters soon, but remember it is still pending.

So, devs from 28 Months Later, you heard it here! Go do your thing and make the mod something people can be happy about.

For more info on 28 Months Later visit the official site here.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.


  1. Leave it to WiG to be everyone’s hero!

  2. Great news for these guys I would hope 😀

  3. Sounds like a sick idea. I want it now. And left 4 dead 😀

  4. Woot.

  5. hahah. Great ideas. and mods. Same here

  6. I live off of mods on PC.

  7. Speaking of mods, can’t wait for LBP on PS3

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  11. This is awesome

  12. Saw the mo -cap. this mod is looking FULL fledged. and that jurassic one.

  13. Jurassic *

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  15. :-p This will be for Warhead? Ugh. I might as well play Left 4 Dead!

    VenomXv replied on August 16th, 2008 10:07 PM:

    Haha. No love for a mod? Pfft. Left 4 Dead is different too. Don’t forget the huge 1 hr interview these guys did!

  16. nice stuff

  17. WhatIfGaming is aweeesomeerreeee

  18. Love it ;-D

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  20. Inside a perfectly straight line

  21. OMG THEY revealed the next title for the film. THAT IS SO FUC–ING cool!

  22. 28 MINUTES LATER. hahah WOO!

  23. Super reveal 😀

  24. Great

  25. WhatIfGaming to the rescue as always. Love WhatIfGaming

  26. To the community, music, movies, games, hardware. Like this site is a GEM. And an open gem. A lot of people know about it. All my friends come here <3

    RadianceGraphics replied on August 16th, 2008 10:10 PM:

    Dude…you’ve been here FOREVER. you should know better. These guys were on Penny Arcade, JS, Sony’s site ALL the time.

    It’s not that hard to notice at all Lol!

  27. And of course, this one too. Loving all the updates

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  30. Thanks for this article. I learned of a cool mod.

  31. And that WhatIfGaming is generous. But we already knew that 😉

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