Helping The Modding Scene Part 2: Rawr Dinosaur.

Next up: Jurassic Park Mod

For more info on Jurassic Park Mod visit the official site here.

We got an e-mail from someone on the Jurassic Park Mod team frustrated from a lack of response from Universal Pictures for permission to make an indie game. Since we are good friends with Universal, we decided to go ahead and contact their division.

Universal Pictures:

That’s great they’re going to do that. We have no gripe about it given that there is no monetary gain, and it is specifically labeled with “Mod” at the end of the process.

OK, there you have it you Pachycephalosaurians! Get developing.

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  1. Super cool. Heard about this. Sounds great. Good work guys.

  2. Awesome job again.

  3. That’s WhatIfGaming. Helping out the middle guy. True website, I love this site guys. Loved it years ago, Love it, forever.

  4. Rock on 😀 Jurassic Park narly

  5. Fun

  6. LOL

  7. Universal Studios wouldn’t answer. Typical

  8. Awesome job

  9. Thanks for link

  10. cool stuff

  11. excited on this. more so 28 months later

  12. Cool. Helping mod scene out. Let’s see other sites say that <3. 😀

  13. Awesome

  14. Sweet stuff. No wonder so many damn people visit WiG. :) Heard of it myself on NeoGAF about a year ago. <3

  15. Woot.

  16. Awesome job guys

  17. Can’t wait for this. It better be worth it

  18. Comment comment 😀

  19. Where is everyone this weekend?

  20. I’m still here. 😀

  21. Nice news. I heard they stopped it or something because of this? Guess they can start again.

  22. Sell it under the table! hHAH 😀

  23. Sweet

  24. Cool

  25. And Cool again haha

  26. Seems great. Seems kind of bland though. What are the features?

  27. Entirely new story? What?

  28. Or is it just like a MP shooter?

  29. Definitely better be a full fledged mod if they asked you guys to get permission, I mean come on

  30. Contacting huge studios isn’t something anyone can do. Kudos WhatIfGaming for helping us lowly people =D

  31. I love this site, as always

  32. Sweet mod, along with 28 Ml

  33. Grea

  34. Great

  35. Keep it coming 😀

  36. ? ????? ?? ??? ?? ???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????????? ??? ?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????? ??????!!!!!!!

  37. Poshli vi vce na hui!! Konovalovi usi!!!!

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