Hitman 5 : Absolution Exclusive Interview – Agent 47 Reborn (Online Cooperative Gameplay, Disguises, Dialogue, and More)

WhatIfGaming: What we just saw of Hitman Absolution and the library scene…has left us speechless.

Christian Elverdam, Creative Director: The goal for us was to shock people, give that realistic theater presentation before Agent 47 came back with us to Sweden (laughs).

WhatIfGaming: A few critical questions, and I know you may not be able to answer some of them….we saw in the preview Agent 47’s change of disguise. In the past, in reference specifically to Blood Money, Agent 47’s disguises had a lot to do with the suspicion bar…but in the demo we saw no such indicator…

Christian Elverdam: Ah yes. You are actually the first one to ask us about that than the simple overview, haha. We will no longer have a suspicion indicator with Hitman: Absolution. We felt that the whole system was a little…complicated and kind of limiting the true potential for players to approach various directions of the level.

WhatIfGaming: Well..there is that…and the fact that it glitched a lot. I still play Hitman: Blood Money, and I always get a little frustrated when I pull off the perfect kill and disguise, I step out..and suddenly the A.I. gets suspicious. I was glad to see there is dialogue now…

Christian Elverdam: Haha, yes. We realized that was a big concern. That was the whole reason why we did it where there is dialogue now. Agent 47 has a voice besides the cutscenes. There is more of a natural feeling to his human side than a narrative cutscene.

WhatIfGaming: How many dialogue options can we expect? From that demo, it only seemed to be a few options…with the option to ignore, or just simply walk away or exit hiding. Is there more of a variety to dialogue options that our readers can expect?

Christian Elverdam: Dialogue for us was critical. We did not want to make this too much of a RPG but we have that RPG element, that skillfulness with which you as Agent 47 handles the situation…that is what we want players to feel. There is not just a stealthy side, or a direct approach, but you can have that dialogue as well.

WhatIfGaming: How many disguises can we see?

Christian Elverdam: As with previous titles, you can take any person’s disguise.

WhatIfGaming: The music was haunting, impacting, echoing revengeful violence…..who came up with that?

Christian Elverdam: The musical score is composed by our team that also composed Hitman: Blood Money’s music and also has various others that contribute to the melodic overtone of the sequences we just saw.

WhatIfGaming: Can we expect the game to be longer than previous iterations?

Christian Elverdam: In terms of length..we are still extremely pre-alpha. So I cannot say for sure, but we are aiming for more than 14 hours of gameplay for single-player.

WhatIfGaming: Agent 47 has always been a lone gun, but I was overhearing talks of multiplayer in the room earlier…can we expect cooperative gameplay?

Christian Elverdam: I can’t say anything about multiplayer, if we choose to do it or not (smirk). I can not say anything really at this point…too many detailed questions! I was (laughs) a bit thrown off by them.

WhatIfGaming: Agent 47 makes his return in 2012. Christian, thank you so much for explaining Hitman 5: Absolution further.

Christian Elverdam: It is always a pleasure, thank you.

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