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Hitman: Blood Money Review

Hitman: Blood Money, the fourth installment of Eidos’ assassin series, builds upon the franchise with more of its gripping signature stealth-action gameplay and sexy bald-headed hero: Agent 47. All 13 of the game’s missions are well crafted and challenging, and the gameplay is simply remarkable. In it, 47 is up to his missions as he throttles numerous innocents simply because he wants to steal their clothes in order to infiltrate off-limits areas and eliminate targets. Hitman: Blood Money, like the series it comes from, is a game that allows you to be as ruthlessly violent as you want; if you want to take things subtle and slow, you’re going to be able to, but if you just want to kill everything that moves, you can do that too.


I want an assassination adventure

…to feel like a bad protagonist

…the best atmosphere in any Hitman title



I want

more intelligent AI than the appearance of intelligent AI


There are more than a dozen missions in all, and most of them are set around odd locations in the United States, such as a Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans, an Egyptian-themed Las Vegas casino, a rehab clinic in Northern California, a posh Los Angeles suburb, and more. The game does a great job of realizing each of these different settings, making them feel appropriately large, complex, and feel alive. As in the previous games, your enemies’ artificial intelligence unfortunately is not that great. As soon as 47 gets anywhere close to them, they just turn around suspiciously. This lack of realism is a bit disappointing when it comes to a game that promises such an atmosphere, but the AI makes it relatively unbelievable soon.

Despite the shortcomings, Blood Money definitely captures the overall look and feel of being a hitman. When you successfully complete an assignment on pro, or if you can—you will feel delightfully happy and give a big evil grin.

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