How To Stop A Console’s Momentum: The Divnich Way

Analysts are aware when a company is pushing their consoles faster than others, and when the momentum rises to the occasion. The answer? Hack those prices down! According the simExchange analyst Jesse Divnich anyways. Divnic believes Microsoft needs to cut the price of the 360 in the US as the only “only feasible and economic option” to combat Sony’s PlayStation 3 momentum.

“Whether there is an Xbox 360 shortage or not, it is clear that the PS3 has gained considerable ground on its rival. Given these past two months and the momentum that the PS3 has gained, Microsoft must react quickly as the PS3’s momentum will only get stronger until Microsoft reacts. Microsoft’s only feasible and economical option is to look at reducing its hardware price in North America to at least slow down the PS3’s momentum until it can implement more long-term solutions to winning the next-generation console war.”

What if Microsoft just sits back and does nothing about this and keep themselves? If history is anything to go by, this will not likely happen. So, what are you waiting for Microsoft? Man your battlestations! You heard Da Man! Da..Vinch!

U.S. Price Cut Only Feasible Option For Microsoft

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