HTC Touch Pro2 Review – ITU Revitalization

Smartphones have seen an incredible rise since 2007 and HTC is not stopping anytime soon with the HTC Touch Pro2. Like the Sprint version, the Verizon Wireless HTC Touch Pro2 features a brilliant touch screen and one of the best QWERTY keyboards on the market. With incredible performance, and a lot of features to supplement the need for savvy tech lovers beyond design, the HTC Touch Pro2 is a simple investment well worth the price.

HTC’s Touch Pro2 model comes bundled with immense features such as the HTC’s Straight Talk Technology for conference call management, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a 3.2-megapixel camera, and a 3.5 mm audio jack. All of these features offer a lot of the same core functionality of the Sprint model, including HTC’s Straight Talk Technology, Wi-Fi with GPS, and Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Edition. Applications come bundled with Messaging which supports all E-mail Protocols (SSL, POP3) while G-Sensor makes touch-screen effective and easy.

Powered by a 528MHz processor by Qualcomm in the MSM7200A model, makers of the earliest W-CDMA standard for the ITU and IMT-2000 family standard packet interface, the HTC Touch Pro2 performed fairly well. There is some lag, however, with general applications not to mention the amount of loading time it takes for WM 6.1 Professional to load up. The HTC Touch Pro2 features a 1500mAh lithium ion battery with a talk time of 4 hours with 14 days of standby. We performed several benchmarks as part of our routine battery drain tests which revealed the smartphone to deliver near 6 hours of continuous talk time.  In our battery drain tests, the smartphone delivered 5.65 hours of continuous talk time.

The HTC Touch Pro2 is well worth every penny for someone looking to keep up with multimedia with HSPA and HSPA+ data connections while maintaining the 3G telephony link. Unfortunately, a lot of lag due to the minimal memory capacity presents a problem but it is not a big issue when it comes to the amount of processes this smartphone performs for 2008-2009 generation of phones.

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