I Need More Ammo! Mercenaries 2 : World In Flames Review

Pandemic Studios and EA Games love explosions, and Mercenaries 2 is all about them combined with high action and very intense fury. The game is set in Venezuela in the year 2010. The story begins seeing you going to Ramon Salano’s villa. Salano is one of the Venezuelan politician’s with a rough attitude that hires you to carry out a search and rescue mission of Venezuelan General called Carmona, one of Salano’s good friends. You get air strikes provided to you by Salano to help with the rescue which all seems straight forward enough until the story unravels.

Throughout Mercenaries 2, you have the options to play one of three characters, something most games do not just do. It manages to pull of 3 different stories, that come together for a 4th and hidden story with all three. It is something desired, and something most people do not think about. Luckily, Pandemic did.

Getting into the game’s thrill, it is all about linear paths in a semi-open world environment. Blow up whatever, blow up any cars it is great. Problems arise when you try to kill any damn thing. It is too easy. AI is not exactly awesome. Okay, it is kind of crap in usage for better terms. Runs around, can’t see where you fired from, all sorts of problems plague the AI. It is such a saddening aspect of Mercenaries 2 because all you want to do is go around killing things, but then it falls flat on your face with stupid AI.

The multiplayer is the best part of Mercenaries 2. Dumb AI aside, playing with a friend is always exciting, and it works out for the better. Play the entire campaign with a friend. No lobby system here. Not wholly. Make a game while online, and anyone can jump in. So make sure you choose the NO option for a private game with yourself if you have broadband for internet access.

The visuals in this game are something to be hold, as it is running on the new Unreal Engine which does Mercenaries 2 justice as in 720p. Everything looks nice and runs even better with the seamless graphics motion as important in adding to the feel and atmosphere of the massive map enviroments.

Mercenaries 2 is a good game for people who have the natural tendency to be troublemakers or just create havoc. It plays fine, not great though. Then again it does not have to be perfect. It is Mercenaries 2, and all that was raised towards it was “blowing shit up.” So to look at that and then look at Mercenaries 2 and say it didn’t do what it set out to wouldn’t be completely true. It allows you to blow stuff up, or do a stealth approach with the female sub-lead. Whatever does work.

Review By: Richard Sweeting & Usman Ihtsham
David Jeffers is a former writer for WhatIfGaming and one of the most prominent writers you will find out there. He loves anime, and everything video games and loves chances to discover new and interesting worlds in the interactivity from the games we play today, given that the game does a good job of doing that of course.

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