In Win B2 Stealth Bomber Case Review – FTW

In Win knows how to make cases. Any PC enthusiast knows their Ferrari 430. They have recently released their B2 Stealth bomber case, a new iteration to the series of cases.

Let’s take a look at the specs:


  • Fighter Jet-Like Auto-Sensing Front Door
  • W-Shaped Side Intakes Inspired by B2 Bomber
  • Dual Fan VGA Turbo Cooling System
  • Patented Shock-Free Railing System
  • Vibration-Free Fan Holder
  • Tool-Free Mechanical Design


  • Case Size: Mid Tower
  • Material: Plastic Panels, SECC Steel
  • Drive Bays: External5.25″ x 4 3.5″ x 2 Internal 3.5″ x 5
  • Mother Board: ATX / mATX
  • Front Ports: e-SATA x 2,IEEE 1394 x 1, USB 2.0 x 2, HD/AC’97 Audio
  • PSU TYPE: ATX 12V PS2 Size
  • I/O Slots: PCI/AGP Slots × 7
  • Thermal Solutions: Smart-3D UniDuct™, 12cm Ceramic Fans at Front & Rear Panels, VGA Turbo Cooling System with 8 cm Side Ceramic Fan x 2, Support Water-Cooling
  • Dimension (HxWxD): 435 x 235 x 525 mm (17.1” x 9.3” x 20.7”)

The external paint of the B2 covers all the way up to the warning labels; it’s definitely a military case. Looking closer to the front there are LEDs on the right, the power button centered, and a touch sensitive button for the external bay door.

B2 Case

In Win knows how to blend function with style, and pulls it off with elegance and grace. The rescue arrow points to the manual release toggle and allows users to gain access to the external drive bays when there is no power to the case. So, if a grenade is thrown at you, just empty out the side and plug in the USB jack to send a satellite missile to your enemy. Around the layout is impressive. At the top next to where the power supply is, there are two grommets that are for a water cooling setup. This will make for a cleaner installation as many external kits have to go through the PCI slots. Or save us the pain in the ass from getting out own hole cutter.

Now that we have the sides figured out, the bottom is the best part. Oh, it feels so good. Oh yeah. Ehrm. On the bottom of the case we have the feet. The feet are different than most cases and consist of a hard plastic outer ring with soft foam like inner ring. This side of the case was given clear structure, and really pulls through on my slippery oak desk.

The inside space is great for any ATX board, or those huge Galaxy power supplies. There’s definitely no room for small stuff here. Aside from that, the I/O brackets are evenly space and brace the main frame of the case perfectly, which makes alignment even easier.

The B2 case ushers an era of cases which combines the flexibility of technology to the vision of the future. Seamlessly integrating space with many features to the front and the back, the B2 Stealth bomber case makes its presence known, and in a very efficient way. Want to gear up and just parachute out of an airplane? Forget it. Get this case instead.

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  1. I just loved this review. I actually saw a video on the B2 case and how the in panel opens up. Should be awesome.

  2. “Now that we have the sides figured out, the bottom is the best part. Oh, it feels so good. Oh yeah. Ehrm. ”

    This is WhatIfGaming genius that I always keep coming back for.

  3. Hrm. In Win is kind of an unknown company, but they seemed to have made it big with the critics on this one. Such a comment from WiG is big.

  4. Saw some vids on this. Looks OK. I prefer the Cosmos S. Please review this please! I need to know from here. The other places are crap and go on and on about superfluous things instead of telling me what I want.

  5. Great stuff. It’s definitely attracting me. Just OK ceebz? lol. Come on! In Win has barely made cases, but most of them were amazing. My first case was an InWWin case.

  6. Yeah. I might buy it now. It’s worth it I suppose.

  7. Yeah–Just OK. Lol. It’s just not my kind of case is all.

  8. It’s my kind of case, but I just bought the NXZT.


  10. Pretty nice looking case, but it definitely uses way too much plastic. I doubt that Dual Fan VGA Turbo Cooling System was really necessary. Possibly installing two fans on the side panel would have been the same. The motored front bezel is a neat feature, but it only increases the chances that it will die someday 😛

  11. Yeah. I’d have to agree on that.

  12. The panel opening up is quite possibly one of the coolest features. Nice! Only thing is, it might get annoying having to wait for it hahaha.

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