Industry Sucks For Females

Two thirds of women with access to the internet love casual games. Some love the Wii, go figure girlfriend! According to a new survey, this large sector in the industry for online games remains untapped and totally crapped out.

The potential for growth in this area is also substantial and this is more related to a widening of the market than a growth amongst those already committed to the paid-for online sector.

70% of women who are between 16 and 45 and live in households connected to the internet have played some form of free online game in the last year, with only 18% paying to play. Great. More orcs in the World of Warcraft realm. Just what we all needed. As for the other percentage, 59% of all women who go online between the ages of 16 and 45 play free internet flash games once a month, with the youngest being more dominant. And yeah, all tests discounted lunar cycles.

Is it a great thing that the industry sucks for females? Maybe. What’s for sure is one thing: the industry and females seem to have nothing in common. Even in the grim sector of the future.

Survey Source: Arkton

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  1. Yeah, the industry sucks for females! Cool article very rad!

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