inFAMOUS 2 Hero Edition Review : Electrifying Potential Energy

inFAMOUS 2 brings a powerful, more visceral Cole MacGrath to the PlayStation 3 console with a thirst for electricity and the talent for either ice or fire. inFAMOUS 2 and Sucker Punch have listened to quite a lot of player demands, and others not so much. Utilizing various shocks is still integral to the Cole’s superhero experience, while the storyline itself along with the side-quests have dramatically improved in gameplay other than defeating a lot of small enemy types. There might still be repetition with inFAMOUS 2, but the adventure itself picks up as the title carries its own weight. inFAMOUS 2 synthesizes use of clever dialogue, a greater looking environment in New Marais, and the promise of more variety and less repetition to make a title that is everything more than its predecessor with a greater shock capacitance.

inFAMOUS 2 begins right where the first title concluded. The introduction into inFAMOUS 2 is sufficient, but the gameplay itself hardly references anything from the first title, other than small character development scenes within the dialogue. This level of discontinuity is fine for veteran players of inFAMOUS, but for a sequel which should consociate with the former title, inFAMOUS 2 needs more information rather than assuming everyone has already played the first title, which is a bit premature when it comes to sequels of any kind. Aside from the lack of proper introductions, inFAMOUS 2 finalizes the prophecy of The Beast from the first title, the ultimate being that ravages the planet and mankind for good. Having sent himself back in the past as Kessler and killing off his own love interest, Trish Dailey, for the good of man, Cole MacGrath swears to kill this very Beast that took away the love of his life more than once. inFAMOUS 2 is essentially an epic narrative which focuses on not only the tragedies of a hero, but also the downfall and upbringings of one of the saviors of mankind in a universe that is approaching steadfast ruin.

inFAMOUS 2’s gameplay structure continues after the events of obtaining the Ray Sphere, and the journey itself is more deeply involved and engaging in terms of the cohesiveness of the side-quests and the balance with the main missions. The city of New Marais as the setting is detailed and exceptionally designed, with lighting techniques that are vibrant and an art style that is more memorable than inFAMOUS with grander textures and hand-coloring effects. The interface has improved tremendously for the benefit of mission structure, as players no longer have to deal with a tiny HUD map and try to find different side-quests in random areas of the maps with territorial boundaries. Side-quests sometimes approach Cole in a more direct manner, where certain characters will approach Cole or vice versa to carry on the game. It is not just separate situations like the first title. Powers themselves help during these missions, which are more varied and still include the similar level structuring like the first title, but with more chances for XP to be gained. These powers are not only restricted to the type of hero Cole becomes, but the type of company he chooses to take his advice from, thereby affecting his morality. With Kuo, you can find a positive interest and with Nix, a more deviant one which can lead to fire-based attacks or ice-based for the former. Cole himself moves more realistically than before, and feels naturally engaging and different just like the journey he embarks on.

inFAMOUS 2 has so much greatness but also it comes with quite the amount of disappointments despite so many things to do. Balance of the types of missions with Cole’s movements and terrific voice acting, along with intense New Marais visuals are present, but there still remains an element where Cole is still constantly running and shocking throughout the game where the mechanic ends up largely stale. The melee system is mediocre, along with dodging types of attacks, and the only real positive interaction is the electromagnetic and kinetic energies with amazing visuals that truly stand in a league apart from inFAMOUS. The crowd A.I. is still severely disappointing, but has certainly improved in terms of reactions and actually avoiding fire with more of a persona. The replay value with inFAMOUS 2 has a moderate amount of realistic gameplay, with User Generated Content where players can create their own missions, etc. Sadly there is no multiplayer component for a game that is focused on one superhero, but something seems incredibly out of place in the land of lost opportunities with inFAMOUS 2 in terms of multiplayer cooperative gameplay at the very least, or online competitive gameplay with superheroes in the inFAMOUS universe.

Sucker Punch’s inFAMOUS 2 outshines Cole MacGrath in a newer atmosphere with an even more formidable threat than ever before. The voice acting, while changed from the persona of the former Cole from inFAMOUS, carries a tremendous level of emotion. The gameplay structure itself has largely improved despite the mediocre melee combat system, and while the A.I. is still lacking, the environment of New Marais provides relief to everyone as they explore and make the city safe and hospitable for its citizens. inFAMOUS 2 is electrifying and is certainly the best title in the franchise, providing players the true means to what kinetic energy and electromagnetism can truly realize.

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