Injustice 2 Review: Better Than The Last

Injustice 2 is so far turning out better than the last one. The story mode is like a movie, and the gameplay is better than ever – but have things really changed to make this one last unlike its predecessor?

The story mode of the game is what really got me going personally. It was like watching a CGI movie, except a lot of the sequences were done in real time. The storyline is rather simple and has a lot of highs, but I do wish it didn’t always involve Braniac as the penultimate villain. It’s not enough to constantly have Braniac be the only threat to these guys. Some more originality would have been amazing, but it seems that Warner Bros. perhaps didn’t get the licensing “go-ahead” from DC.

Gameplay wise – the fighting style is as you’d expect. A button masher, but this time there’s a lot more to do in the environment, which I like. Different characters can unlock various gears playing through story mode or spending money on crystals (which can be bought). A bit of play to win isn’t entirely appealing to me – but I can determine it’s a concept that may work.

Injustice 2’s multiplayer is pretty fun barring the lag issues. So far, there’s a bit of lag on their servers but for the most part it works A-OK.

Injustice 2 is a great fighting game over the previous one because of the quality of visuals, and the refinement of the game’s core. It’s a fun one for fighting fans even though it has the occasional hiccups and bumps.



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