Insecticide Slimy On My Hand Review

Insecticide Is Slimy

Insecticide is weird, but very stylish in terms of where it speaks in some aspects. Take both of those things and manage to grunge them together in a game where the main protagonists are cockroaches and other bugs and you have yourself something worth playing. The story is fun, and entertaining. And no, it is not cheesy humor or a storyline of a main bug against all odds. Despite the grand old steps of the story, Insecticide leaves us with something to be desired through the mediocre gameplay.

InsectiInsecticide comes in the form of something we are all very familiar with, essentially a 3D platformer that’s relatively more or so like traditional platformers we are known to. Not the best thing if you’re looking for a game for that 12 hour car ride to Florida. The gameplay controls itself are easy enough to deal with, but they can be a bit annoying as for the aiming parts of the game, not due to controls but more or less the noir aspect of the game itself.

It was dark! Dark as night and warm as hell. We couldn’t exactly see where we were Shoot Him! going, so we cranked up the brightness. Yeah, yeah. Noir is noir, but not unseen. The problem for the game does not lie in the key gameplay’s design structure, but more or less how it is presented. All gameplay aches aside, the gameplay design itself sets up noir to mainly compensate for the lack of visual texturing on the characters themselves. They aren’t the best looking characters in a DS game, so it was apparent to see that the noir aspect helped to blend in the characters to the environments better.

Insecticide might have it is problems, but it is nothing short of what a small amount of Bug Zap can’t fix. If anything, a rental might make someone feel better.

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