Intel DX48BT2 Review: Pulsation

How It Turns

Checking out the BIOS of this board, it allows for some fine tuning. Before, some people would get concerned about the flexibility of the tuning of the motherboard in the settings despite the fact that the motherboards themselves were reliable. Don’t be afraid to step out of your protective zone, as this motherboard’s revised BIOS has extended features and allows for the type of customizability that everyone is always looking for. It lets you change all the timings given the proper CPU card, lets you control clock speeds of the memory, and all that. The sky is the limit. To aid in better utilizing and monitoring your settings, you also get the Intel Desktop Utilities included, which tells you literally everything you need to know that’s already in the BIOS.

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  1. That’s what I’m talking about!

    “creates a rush those charged electrons in your circuitry have always been thirsting for.”

  2. Couple this with with the QX9770 review just went up, and you have a processing guru. I’m going to buy this since I just ordered a 9770. Thanks for this review!

  3. Holy crap. This coupled with 3870…WOAH. BUYING IT as we speak!

  4. I’m definitely a support of ATI > Nvidia. ATI is always leading , and Nvidia trails behind. Good review. Will buy this soon. Looking frwrd to more Intel reviews from here!

  5. oh boy, AMD getting pwned one more time CPU wise…GPU wise they got the edge!

  6. Brilliant review. Esoteric and really explains everything well. I’m buying this as well since I got the 9770. Next week is the time

  7. “Intel clearly knows what people want, and designs motherboards that aren’t utterly disheveled and playing a game of twister with each other. That’s right. Components play twister.”

    WiG Attitude. <3

  8. This isn’t for people with no money, its for those who have money to spend. LIke me :)!

  9. I love these unbelievably cool reviews. Definitely buying this as my Q9770 is coming next week. Thank you Usman. Much love

  10. AMD needs to pick up to Intel. This review really shows just how smart Intel is. Now they just need to get SMARTER and send this site review samples!

    “Confirmation: B38—

    Newegg Customer Service

    Just bought it.

  11. WOW. Buying this. I think I actually started DROOLING when I read this

  12. You’re writing is extraordinary. Thanks for this. Bought it with everyone as well. I love this community

  13. Buying this too along with 9770. Boyfriend is a fan of your site now. We both heard so many good things. Glad to know it was worth it. =D=D

  14. “As star of the show to support a bursting 1600 MHz front side bus, to hail the astonishing DDR3 memory that brings the future closer, to gift extremely dependable overclocking dowry, the Intel DX48BT2 delivers on everything”

    I have no words for that amazing line. This review fills my heart with FRIKKEN joy

  15. U r making me broke! Buying this next week as well with the QX9770 I just buy.

    Keep these coming PLZ!

  16. I think I just got a little wet. I’m going to try and definitely save up all my $’s for this one. 9775 would be pushing it and I don’t have a skulltrail.

  17. I have no money!

    Nah I got money. hahaha. Just bought a deal of this with a free CPU fan on Newegg. Beautiful review. Definitely always different than most. GOLDEN choice. Effing cool. That’s the highest award.

  18. Imagining this board, with the 9770 you reviewed and ATI crossfire = MUST GET. I’ll buy them all in a bit.

  19. Thanks for the words of pleasure guys. I’m glad you are all finding these reviews helpful in your decision making process. Take it nice and easy!

    -Usman Ihtsham

  20. Just joined the crowd. Bought it too

  21. That’s hot. Not temperature wise…but HOT

  22. I’d agree with Memoryclocker. This is some great stuff. Golden choice is just right for the 9770 and this combined.

  23. Yeah, wow. Never knew a review could be this good and not utterly boring. Overall, gave what I wanted to know. Thks

  24. I’ll agree with everyone else as always. Nice review, will get this since it’ll pair with the QX9770 nicely.

  25. Yeah. Cool. Will buy when I get the $$$

  26. Also buying this!

  27. Will get next month

  28. Grand stuff. In UK it’s kinda pricey but seems I ll be getting it soon,

  29. It’s definitely a buy, especially with the ATI GDDR5 specs being produced

  30. Couldn’t agree more

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