Intel QX9770 Review: Feel The Surge

What’s that? is…it is a QX9770. Yorkfield didn’t see this coming. Full of life and energy, it is time for the QX9770 Core 2 Extreme to take the spotlight in the public’s gleaning and teary eyes. Get ready to make this baby your pride as it can handle all your gaming and application needs to the fullest. People go from processor to processor, question to question, only to end up on the same conclusion from their demands: What’s the CPU that can deliver the best possible experience for someone with my needs? Something that works for me? The Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 speeds in at 3.2 GHz with a 1600MHz FSB to the rescue! Whether you are the most demanding of users, or one that just wants every bang for his/her buck, the QX9770 delivers without a problem.

Placing the CPU in to the LGA775 socket, you can feel the connection you just made with your computer to give it the best in its digital lifespan. The 45nm manufacturing technology allows for a vibrant burst of life from the processing unit, and then comes the Windows screen. Where’d it go? What the heck? Exactly. It’s just that fast. We could barely catch the loading screen as the energy elixir was being effused into our motherboard from this processor. The CPU-Z shows a beautiful speed of 3.2GHz at a rated FSB of 1600FSB. A hidden feature of these processors, for those of you who do not know, is that the multiplier is unlocked up until 31. Actually getting there is a whole another matter. With the processor from the Core 2 Extreme series, this should not get you sweating.

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  1. An amazingly worded article to start the month.

    I didn’t know the Arithmetic logistic unit MIPS was so much higher compared to the QX9650. I’m very much interested now to buy this product.

    When I get money next week, I WILL be buying this. I could go with a 9775, but I heard a lot of good things about this one and it’s in my range

  2. Usman you really push boundaries that I haven’t ever really seen a site do. You’re managing to review anything you get your hands on and really have a caring aspect in your reviews about the product unlike all other sites.

    Thanks so much. Just ordered this!

  3. JUST bought as well. Thanks for this in-depth and easy to follow review.

  4. I have a QX6850, but I’m actually going to upgrade now because of this review. That extra % does matter to me.

  5. Beautiful reviw ncie stuff. I love that there’s so much power in this thing. And I can’t agree more with the ending. Powerful to me is definitely how fast some effects render

  6. I have also ordered this. Going to try it with the new board I bought. Thx

  7. GOLDEN CHOICE AWARD. Must get. Get get now.

  8. It definitely sounds like one for the golden award. Ordering Next Tuesday. Thanks

  9. Merci Beaucoup. ==D La Paris aimes le QX9770 tres beaucoup. Je vends bien, maintenant.

    I’ll buy it xD

  10. 12 MB L2 Cache shared should be a treat. Glad to see motherboard manu. supporting 1600MHz/4 per core on quad cores. It should really close the gap between CPU output and data execution read throughput. Thanks for this review.

    Count me in on the endless list of people here who are buying this.

  11. I’m out of money from the Q9300 I buy from other computer. I buy this in weeks to come. thkjs form India.

    Both both shukreeah bahi sahb. Apka both shukreeah for this review.

    Means thanks!

  12. Told my boyfriend to read this review just now. He needed a new CPU. We’re going to go with this one.

  13. Will upgrade soon. Surprised to see it did only 10% more than a 9650. expected a bit more but it works 😉

  14. Did someone say Breakfast?!?! ORDERED IT! Won’t need an upgrade for a CPU now. How about a great motherboard? Crossfire preferred? Thanks!

  15. I will buy this for a new system I’m building. I was going to buy a Q9300 but Igot extra money. thanks.

  16. Sounds good. Buying it now, need more Intel reviews!!!!! + ATI ones.

  17. “If CPU’s had abs, like our situation, the QX9770 would have a 8 pack with the QX6850 following in with a 4 pack.”

    WhatIfGaming really knows how to make stuff interesting lol. Love the article, and going to commemorate it by buying this! Thanks for this amazing review

  18. Sweet stuff WiG!

  19. Buying this for MMO RIGHT now.!

  20. Marvelous. I can’t buy it right now but you got me thinking about it bad.

  21. I’m buying it as well

  22. Great stuff for a great review. Just going to get my hands on this one soon

  23. Pretty great. Beautiful stuff

  24. I’m loving this tone. Going to get this in a month or so.

  25. I have a 6850, looking to upgrade. Seems this is good

  26. I personally love Intel. I’m not a fanboy, as I’m smarter than that. I just know they make good products. They will eventually send you guys product samples.

    I trust they’re smart. Or at least think they are.

    Anyways I bought it!

  27. WhatIfGaming FTW. Buying this later on less I see something else I like! Keep the amazing reviews coming.

  28. ALU MIPs seem consistent throughout. I’ll get this since I was already looking at it before but barely saw any reviews. Thanks

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