It’s A Conspiracy I Tell You! Bourne Again

Robert Ludlum’s: The Bourne Conspiracy is serious. Developed by High Moon Studios, Sierra Entertainment and published by Vivendi Games, The Bourne Conspiracy evolves from Robert Ludlum’s character Jason Bourne completely immersing the player in a cat and mouse style espionage action adventure.

The game is set and takes place within the first film with a few advantages thrown in for good measure. Your name is Jason Bourne a CIA assassin, operating under the black-ops organization called Treadstone. Bourne has been tasked with assassinating a former African dictator named Nykwana Wombosi.

Wombosi knows too much about the agency’s involvement in Africa and must be silenced. After easily getting through the DVD-ish main menu which is layed out and can be used so easily unlike some other game menus, you then get taken in to the game and shown the intro movie wich is truly awe inspiring with flowing and well done graphics and the lighting adding effect and mood to the whole scenario. Throughout the game, you will notice that the seamlessness of these scenes set the ominous caesura that is the conspiracy.

When you get past dribbling over the intro and finally get dropped in to the gameplay, both the developers have made sure that you bloody do. With a great level of blood in this game, it is hard to miss it. Where you get to experience the hand to hand fighting of the game which is fast and brutal. Fighting hand to hand is one half of the main means to Bourne’s survival in this game, with the rare occasion of a weapon grasped in your hand for use. It is not just all button mashing though. You need to time it correctly, you need to know when to move back to avoid a hit, or when to turn to block incoming shots and fool your enemy into them.

The game’s adaptive use of a stringed button layout and the Playstation 3’s SIXAXIS pad makes it all the more real. Beware of using the same combo over and over because the enemies will learn and start to use counter moves against you. Watch out for on the screen when they use a counter attack for which button to hit to avoid having the shit knocked out of you, indicated by flashing. Bourne can also preform such moves as take downs. Once you have pumped your adrenaline meter up enough, just hit circle when your prompted to and let them feel some bones.

There is more to this Bourne Conspiracy than pseudo chop-keyboard knock out grabbing. There is the superb gun fights which we are a big fan of. Crouching behind pillars, boxes, walls and even cars or what ever you can get to in time before being shot. Yeah, it is like one game we all know of and played, but it is with Bourne and it helps to be familiar with at least one thing in this crazy conspiracy.

There is a wide range of fire power about to use for both you and the enemy, so always make sure you have the bigger gun because bigger is always better. There is a destructive feature in the game also. Don’t want to wait on an enemy to pop out? Shoot the freaking oil tanker near him. That will work!

Driving, yes Driving. You get to drive as well in The Bourne Conspiracy. The driving sections are definitely not that awesome, but the developers weren’t making a driving game at the time and added all the essential movie parts to the game including the mini for all you lovers of minis out there.

Driving is easy, unlike the films. Good and bad, but mainly good. You can also find and collect passports used for additional back-story information, plus Ludlum fans can unlock various DVD-like extras including sketches, videos and other behind-the-scenes goodies. Despite some minor annoyances – such as a weak lock-on targeting system, taking more than 4-5 minutes to load parts of the game to the PS3’s hard drive, and in-game advertising (including huge MasterCard signs) – The Bourne Conspiracy is proof a video game based on a movie can be an asset instead of a liability.

All in all, if you like the Bourne films or even if you do not, go out and buy this game now and thank us later because its well worth buying and enjoying for days. Just make sure you do not forget to pay instead of showing the clerk your black-ops skills.

David Jeffers is a former writer for WhatIfGaming and one of the most prominent writers you will find out there. He loves anime, and everything video games and loves chances to discover new and interesting worlds in the interactivity from the games we play today, given that the game does a good job of doing that of course.


  1. Always looking forward to the UK side. thanks

  2. Really awesome review. Love the mapping on this one, and I love the game. Cant agree more

  3. haha love the review and love the 2nd pic the most, thx

  4. Lovely review. Don’t like the driving

  5. Cool review. thanks

    ZepherX replied on July 4th, 2008 12:29 AM:


  6. Blessings. Enjoyed this very very much. Love UK humor, especially since I am in India

    Apollodorus replied on July 5th, 2008 2:54 PM:

    UK humour ftw.

  7. Sweet

  8. Richard, that was informative, and I can’t agree more that the driving is bonked. But I do love how WhatIfGaming always takes aim from the developers side of things. As a game dev, I really appreciate this. TY

    ZepherX replied on July 4th, 2008 12:30 AM:

    Yeah, something most of those other college drop out writers forget. Really do come here because it’s absolutely fair in all respects and not always leaning. Whoever said people have a natural bias, they didn’t read WhatIfGaming’s stuff. They are wrong.

    Apollodorus replied on July 5th, 2008 2:52 PM:

    Absolutely true I find

  9. Richard, amazing review.

    Apollodorus replied on July 5th, 2008 2:53 PM:

    It really did have me into it. Usually I like them, but I loved this Rich. Really got me wanting Bourne

  10. Wow. Love this

  11. Hhaah, nice humour

  12. Sweet and just right. Thanks

  13. Too bad it isnt out on PC, but will pick it up for PS3. I can’t miss out on Bourne m8.

    Apollodorus replied on July 5th, 2008 2:53 PM:

    Yeah. Ugh I wanted to play the fight sequences in ultra HD too hahah

  14. Just got back into town. Always a delight seeing from you Richard

  15. Really detailed. Thanks

    Apollodorus replied on July 5th, 2008 2:53 PM:

    I think it’s just about right. Not too much or too little tbh

  16. Thanks. I will actually pick it up now. Been hesitant despite U.S. review. But blokes know blokes ya know ?

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