Jak 3 Review: Goodbye You Two. Miss You.

Jak 3 Review: Goodbye

Jak is making a 3rd and final appearance in Jak 3, the conclusion to Naughty Dog’s best-selling franchise. Last year’s Jak II turned the series, replacing the original Jak & Daxter’s world with a rough future cityscape and gameplay reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto riche and nouveaus. The final entry in the Jak trilogy makes no drastic changes, and sticks to the formula that made it a success. By adding more weapons and abilities,  a great story, and an endless array of weapon arsonals, Jak 3 offers the same experience Jak 2 did, but even better. Jak 3 offers fans of action-adventure something to sink their teeth into, even if it is not the Jak 3 we have all been dying to see an incredible change in, one that we all thought was needed for a final game.


I want a great conclusion to the series

…amazing storyline

…brilliant character models



I want

less confusing puzzles


Jak and Daxter just liberated the futuristic Haven City from the evil Baron Praxis and defeating Kor, the cruel leader of the metalheads. Here’s where the brillian irony comes in: both of Jak and Daxter have now been banished from the same citezenry they saved from utter annhilation only a short hwile ago. Apparently, a multitude of factions filled the place in Praxis’ wake of demolished power. Haven City has become a battleground for a brilliant and endless army of war robots, led by Jak’s very good and old nemesis Errol. The new metalheads, who have expanded into the city proper along with Count Veger, a man who believes it is right to end the world for peace.

Like the previous game, Jak 3 uses a sandbox-style in a city of teeming people, accepting missions from various important characters in a linear fashion to access new action levels and to continue a developed plot. Jak II took place entirely inside Haven City, but in this game, you will find a variety in exploration between outer Haven City and the town square. The new city is in a sad shape, with lizards for transportation and something out of a deserted town in a Western film.

Overall, Jak and Daxter comes with the same weapons, and new ones, builds upon the old formula, and presents a decent and solid exit to our two heroes. If this is the way Jak and Daxter go by riding off into the sunset, then this game does a remarkable job of combining varied and filling action the series has always been known for.  Even though it is a disappointment to not see a new formula, the storyline sums up well, but still leaves a path for Naughty Dog to develop Jak 4 should they choose to.

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