Jak II Review

Jak II Review

Naughty Dog is amazing. The developer’s games are consistently among the most technically and creatively impressive to appear on the PlayStation and now the PS2. In the days of the first PlayStation, Naughty Dog was known primarily for my favorable and lovable Crash Bandicoot. In 2001, the company took a great leap with the creation of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, a platformer that carries players through a multitude of enigmatic and beautiful galaxies.  Now there is Jak II. And players should expect no less.


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The game has all the trappings of your typical platformer. There is Jak, the mute action hero with an array of snazzy moves; Daxter, the furry and wisecracking sidekick; and tons and tons of items to collect. When Jak and Daxter hit the scene a long time ago, everything filled a pretty conspicuous gap in the PlayStation 2’s cutesy platformer lineup. What’s more, its cliffhanger-ending left players expecting a sequel that would give us more of what made the first game so endearing.

Jak II begins when Jak, Daxter, and their old pals, Keira and Samos, and they find some old machinery. They’re confronted by a big rift in the sky, a monster, and an unrequested trip through a portal, where they’re launched through a big tunnel. When they land, Jak and Daxter find themselves in a dystopian city where they’re confronted by a group of red-suited guards under the command of the evil Baron Praxis. Daxter escapes without Jak who is taken hostage and undergoes two grueling years of experimentation involving dark eco, a mysterious energy source.

After two years of torture, Daxter finally rescues Jak, who is out for revenge. The pair then make their way into Haven City to exact revenge and figure out where they are. It is a unique and eerie tale of bewilderment and how revenge sees through everything. The storyline is definitely darker, weirder, and longer. The Baron is just one villain out of many. There are the metal heads who are an army of creatures that are always trying to take over Haven City. The battle between the three factions of Praxis’ army, the underground rebellion, and the metal heads is surprisingly intriguing.

As for gameplay itself, there are noticeable improvements to weaponry and graphics –with a more serious change in storyline and mission pacing. The missions are linear for the most part, but the objectives ride around trying to figure out where they both are, and progresses as a mission of discovery as well, which is both fun and exciting for anyone that likes action, adventure, and a tinge of drama. We will not give much than that away. More like we just cannot.

Everything in Jak II comes together to produce one of the best-looking, best-playing games on any console.

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