Just Cause 2 Review – Engage The Vertical Flare

Just Cause 2 brings an incredible level of action and adventure that is simply redefining the edge of aeronautic stunts and over-the-top action. Players can use the grapple to attach to a helicopter and steal the chopper, macadamize a deadly path to ram cars into large oil rigs, or blow up dozens of fuel tanks to rush the blood to the head.  Rico Rodriguez takes on all of this in an everyday lifestyle of pure work with a little bit of fun added. Panau becomes the territory that is the ground on which three gangs that attempt to overthrow the government, and the sandbox to which Rico can test his skills. Just Cause 2 provides a beautiful damage in gameplay action, exciting freedom to do anything players wish, and open-world exploration all fused with a balanced storyline that uses humor and action to reinvigorate the boarders of vertical limits and destruction.  When Just Cause 2 gives you the freedom to do the things you want in the way you want, it shines in humor and ridiculousness. Unfortunately, missions can become frustrating with loose mechanics that make the open-world exploration such a great thing to begin with. Luckily, Just Cause 2 amps up the excitement and fun beyond that for an overall decent hook and drag adventure in Panau Island.

Just Cause 2’s storyline starts with Rico Rodriguez as part of The Agency, a special US agency division that engages in secret and over-the-top covert missions. Most of the storyline revolves around a mission structure that has incredible pacing, but makes use of parodies or entertaining voice acting that develops an interesting storyline that is full of energy and vibrancy. Just Cause 2 does not solely focus on a storyline, but takes an attitude that repudiates mysterious or otherwise clairvoyant events that takes a level of the fantastical into a new light.

Just Cause 2 revolves explosive gameplay into the world with the mission fabrication. New storyline missions and sidequests allow for incredible havoc. Most missions are widely varied and involve essentially destroying certain outposts or major buildings around the area in dramatic and incredible ways. The open-world experience combines an unbelievable amount of variety that includes stealing jets, and ejecting the last minute while grappling to the ground or parachuting out. Tanks can also be stolen and provide a more dramatic destruction. Rico Rodriguez primarily uses the grapple hook as one out of the many weapons that allows for vertical grappling. Just Cause 2 takes the dramatic and focuses on making an expressive form of art in the passage of an explosion and the boom of the blinding light that results.

Just Cause 2 makes incredible use of the environment to engage players to take use of the variety of different travel methods. More than 120 vehicles are included in the game to drive into buildings, jets to pilot into oil tanks, and many cars that create a great amount of explosions to engage the physics of the environment and bring out the true inertia or rotational force. The physics of Just Cause 2 feels realistic while also providing an insane number off stunts that allow a thrill to be taken during the ride. From the great explosion interactions, the handling and control dynamics allows the tumultuous nature that brings out a sans pareil nature of gameplay.

Panau creates a great dynamic to explore from the incredible mountains to the beaches of the oceans. The capital city creates a vibrant glow, and cascading dives into the underwater provides a great tropical fishes and coral leaves. Just Cause 2 manages to be charismatic and charming with the graphical display and contains an excellent variety within Panau to entice players to exploration as well as the changing destruction dynamic of the situations.

While variety and storyline are a positive aspect of Just Cause 2, the mapping is unfortunately a bit confusing. Some missions do not register certain waypoints upon different altitudes, which become extremely frustrating when a time limit missions is forcing the players to rush to find the right spot. Dismally, the game is speckled with escort missions that attach AI characters who purposefully run into danger and the loose mechanics of the free-form gameplay are incredible but the limiting constrictions of certain missions dismiss some fun.

Just Cause 2 brings the level of extreme, entrancing, and thrilling adventures of the vertical similitude to a level that is both fun and lively. While the storyline and variety of weapons and vehicles are both amazing, there are certain problems including lack of gameplay mechanics when it comes to missions that are too restrictive or escort missions that become tedious. Regardless, Just Cause 2 is a tropical venture that reengages the vertical limits of adventure and espionage.

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