Ken Levine Interview: BioShock 2 Please

Ken Levine Interview NYCC

We quickly mugged 2K Boston’s Ken Levine for a Q&A recently after an exclusive NYCC meet. He had much to say about the new anticipated title BioShock 2, which he is also helping to work on.  Okay, so maybe not the game itself but it is worth the read.

WhatIfGaming: First question, and we are going to grill you with it. So…how are them Lakers?

Ken Levine: (laughs) I wouldn’t know. It is been a while since I was in Los Angeles, and I do not like the Lakers anyways. How about asking me something else?

WhatIfGaming: Wow. That’s actually quite a great idea. Alright, so we will not take up too much time. First question: BioShock 2. What can you tell us? Or is Markus Wilding going to come swooping in…

Ken Levine: Oh no, no. No one is going to slam the doors down and club us. But um, I definitely do not want to talk about the real details to it for obvious reasons. Keeping the fans excited!

WhatIfGaming: Okay, big surprise. Now, tell us everything about the storyline (laughs).

BioShock 1 was a great success across North America and just worldwide in general. Do you think BioShock 2 will have the same impact in terms of game style and design? Considering it is technically a whole new staff of people and what not.

Ken Levine: Even though it is a new staff, it is still the same general direction. Give or take I’m not involved with it either. We all know what they’re trying to aim for in BioShock 2, and they have you know, the concept boards and a lot of progress already done for the title to have even bothered announcing it at this point. For me personally, as a gamer, I’m never so impressed with the second game for any series as I am with the first one…if it is that good as the case with BioShock. A lot of people found BioShock something they never played in terms of the direction it was given. The real solution is just for the entire team to focus on what aiming to make it which is just a great experience in the end and I’m sure a lot of people will want it to be that. They’re working to get there.

WhatIfGaming: Oh! Speaking of direction…Did Microsoft drop the load of cash to 2K Games yet for the exclusivity for it?

KL: (laughs).

WhatIfGaming: Tell us!

KL: (laughs) I’ll just say the platforms will be announced much much later.

WhatIfGaming: Platform- s?! Did you just do a secret confirmation?

KL: No (laugh). I just said platforms in the general sense. Next question!

WhatIfGaming: The details are so so little right now. We actually got a reliable tip off at 2K Games recently that BioShock is a ‘sequel to a prequel.’ What’s that about?

KL:  Here’s what I’ll do instead of even responding to that. I’ll humor and tease your audience and say that it is an interesting idea that can very well be developed since we left a lot of details out in BioShock 1. Whether what you said is true, for now I have to say it is wrong or partly right. I just do not know myself.

WhatIfGaming: Alright Ken, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. We appreciate it.

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