Kerrigan Is Newer And With A Better Voice

The voice of Kerrigan is newer and better. Today, during the StarCraft II Lore panel, Blizzard announced her replacement today, and it is definitely a pleasant surprise for science fiction fans. Tricia Helfer, who played Number Six on Battlestar Galactica, will be taking over the role for the Queen of Blades.

“It is intimidating to come into a game and do a job that you do not really know the history of it, I’m kind of a video game virgin in terms of playing. Personally I’m not technologically savvy. At the time, I didn’t know what Zerg and all these things were. It was fun to find out all these little differences.”

Helfer mentioned that her discovery of the character and who Kerrigan happened to be was based off of two pictures that she was presented: the first was of Sarah Kerrigan as a Terran Ghost before she was betrayed by Mengsk, and the second was of the Queen of Blades with her transformation into the villainess that she is known as today. However, with the help of the Blizzard staff, she was able to get a grasp on who the character was, who she currently is, and what she needs to become for the upcoming games.

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