New Killzone 2 Stuff Coming! Wait..What?

With Sony attending this week’s Live event it is rumored that a lot of key titles will be making appearances. It only seems natural to believe these notions considering Sony is planning to attend.

The titles that happen to be mentioned include LittleBigPlanet, GT5 Prologue, Echochrome, and Killzone 2. Right now, it is being said that there will be Killzone 2 representation at the event. Wait what does this mean: “Killzone 2 representaion?” A new revised trailer?! PS3 owners: freak the fuck out! Ah! Maybe we shouldn’t get carried away since it is not confirmed if it will be something new or just a rehashed version, but it does give PS3 owners something to look forward to.

The event is currently scheduled to take place between March 15/16. But, on a different note: there has been some suspense building up with the new feature on, which has officially joined forces with the PlayStation Network. According to their website, they’re expecting everyone to link their profiles with their PSN accounts as well. With the recent confirmation of the Official Ps3 Forums profiles being linked with their PSN accounts due to Home possibly having a public beta released sometime this month, it only adds to the speculation that perhaps something is coming shortly for Killzone as well. Does this mean a Killzone beta? What if all this reminds us of the whole Resistance fiasco where it links your stats up to your profile? Should all the latest happenings bring joy to the eyes of PS3 owners? Or just false hope? Guess we will have to wait and see!

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