Kingston HyperX Performance DDR3-1866MHz 6 GB Triple-Channel Kit

Kingston HyperX DDR3-1866 6 GB Triple-Channel Kit Overview

Memory modules are quite often complicated, like the memory slots and integrated circuits they are placed into. Incontestably, most people underestimate the memory field and  boil it down to simple tCAS-tRCD-tRP-tRAS timings, and plain speed and capability in terms of capacity. Kingston Technology introduces the HyperX memory DIMM’s, a series of modules that benefit from not only timings and capacity, but also lower power consumption and efficient heat regulation due to an aluminum spreader. While PC’s are making a steady advance to the DDR3 specification, Kingston Technology is directly giving consumers a reason to switch as soon as possible to enjoy terrific speeds with the Kingston HyperX DDR3-1866 6 GB Triple-Channel Kit, and moreover quality that is worth the full price.

Kingston HyperX DDR3-1866 6 GB Triple-Channel Kit

First out of the packaging, the Kingston HyperX kit and every memory module shines of blue power. These are inevitably the new contenders to a fight of performance versus price versus power consumption. With tall blue fins, and the new aluminum heat spreaders, the design is undeniably attractive. Adding T1 heatspreaders undeniably has a difference in terms of power and thermal dissipation. Exactly what is thermal dissipation? To us, it is the amount of performance increased per drop in Celsius per degree. For the HyperX itself, we used a hermetic vacuum thermometer to monitor the actual temperature intake from the memory modules. In reality, the Kingston HyperX DDR3-1866 6 GB Triple-Channel Kit actually increases performance by several degrees compared to standard DDR3 modules we have rated at 10 degrees Celsius. This increased efficiency also led to a greater memory bandwidth (MB/s) on average than some other typical memory modules at lower rated speeds, according to SiSoft Sandra benchmark tool we used.

When it comes to memory, stability and overclocking is a must for most. Overclocking is always achieved by using a different crystal of higher frequency on a memory oscillator. When the sinusoidal wave form changes to a square form at a faster rate, there is a higher speed per voltage. Changing voltages up beyond 1.6V makes the memory stable, but around 1.90, the memory starts to flail a bit when it came to stability. Regardless, it must be considered that near 1866 MHz DDR3, that near 2.0 V the stability is quite great. Folding@Home, Rosetta@Home, and World Community Grid all passed the mark for this memory core after interval testing. With this in mind, the Kingston HyperX DDR3-1866 6 GB Triple-Channel Kit timings worked incredibly well from 9-9-9-27, down to 7-7-7-28 while keeping the speed the same. Memory latency also remains at a short nanosecond count from Sandra test. When it came to synthetics and real testing, the Kingston HyperX DDR3-1866 6 GB Triple-Channel Kit takes the prize for efficiency and performance.

Kingston HyperX DDR3-1866 6 GB Triple-Channel Kit

Kingston HyperX DDR3-1866 6 GB Triple-Channel Kit has reliability, greater performance per degree Celsius dropped, quality in the T1 heatspreaders, and moreover a vast positive energy when it comes to a tested and rated speed close to 1866 MHz meanwhile keeping memory stability and overclocking at complete performance. The HyperX technology has certainly left us impressed, and PC Enthusiasts will be extremely comfortable in their purchase decision with the Kingston HyperX Triple-Channel Kit. For consumers that are wary to upgrade due to the costs of a newer motherboard for the modules, put aside your fears because the Kingston Technology’s HyperX DDR3-1866 6 GB Triple-Channel Kit is giving everyone no reason to worry and more of a reason to upgrade as fast as this memory processes address integers from the CPU front-side bus.WhatIfGaming Hardware Golden Choice

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