Lair Patch Now Available

For the 300K of you who own Lair, there’s the analogue patch in the PlayStation store right now. (Also, the system update but you already know about that, right?) Reviewers tore the game to shreds because of unresponsive controls but I didn’t really think it was that bad. Like foreign cuisine, it was more of an acquired taste. (Of course I rented the game so that kinda took the sting out of it.) If Sony would drop the price of Lair down to a modest $25, I’d jump at that deal.


  1. I don’t know… i still wasn’t very impressed with the game when i played the demo a year ago. Maybe now with this update, i can rent it, and at least give it a second chance, but i’m still skeptical that it’s rubbish.

  2. You shouldn’t be, the actual game is really good overall-people just roasted it because they couldn’t work the sixaxis. It’ll be awsome good with analog controls but to be honest, after they took so long to do it, I’ don’t even care. Alot of people won’t.

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