Late Night With WhatIfGaming: EP01 – Ugleh!

The “Late Night With WhatIfGaming” is a new series feature of ours. No, it will not have the little blue icon but it is going to be just as significant. Every week we are going to be doing either a video or post about anything we want to show or discuss on (you guessed it) very dark and late nights.

We are currently having fun with a very special game (and one we rate very highly): BioShock, already released on the 360, and PC. And from our very favorite scene (not a spoiler of sorts) from the game, we have posted a nice video above.

For those of you wondering: yes, it is running at greater than 140 frames per second on PC at 2560×1600, DX 10, everything turned on. The GPUs are SLI GTX 280’s and the machine has a ton of RAM for the meal.
I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.


  1. Godly sexy feature. Very unique, and no one can pull this off. This is the first website to do it. I’m so excited.

  2. Props. Mad props. Need a late night =D

  3. Very epic


  5. Nice. Let’s not forget Siren for PS3

  6. Love it

  7. OK PC, no good 360, PS3 :( but waiting. God this made it look so good.

  8. Sexy feature, and man what a effing sexy game on such high DX 10 Details

  9. Daemn. 140 + fps. That’s a really fast render on those settings. Very sweet

  10. mmm with syrup, this will be SO delicious

  11. Crysis + This = PC Gaming Heaven

  12. I’m dying to see something, anything on mass effect for PC on this feature. so happy. this feature announcement made my entire day :) thank you whatifgaming!

  13. very high quality vid, loved it. Direct stream, uncompressed, that’s for sure. beautiful feature series.

  14. Like the vid man i want that computer:P

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