Late Night With WhatIfGaming: EP02 – Sike.

The “Late Night With WhatIfGaming” is a new series feature of ours. No, it will not have the little blue icon but it is going to be just as significant. Every week we are going to be doing either a video or post about anything we want to show or discuss on (you guessed it) very dark and late nights.

Don’t be lame. But you can try.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.


  1. hahaha

  2. Not late night in CA, but def in the UK.

  3. love it. love it.

  4. Loved it

  5. Worth the wait

  6. Would like to see more : (

  7. Great stuff

  8. Sweetness

  9. Huge

  10. Enjoy these

  11. Where are the splicers!?

  12. Nice

  13. Epic definitely

  14. Thank you. As a PC lover, I liked this a lot

  15. Us console guys love it too ; P

  16. Thank you

  17. Golden

  18. Damn right

  19. Late here in UK, for sure. Love this episode release. I don’t have to wait another day

  20. Surprising and entertaining

  21. Hahhahhwhaha

  22. Thanks many times over

  23. Nice stuff

  24. Same. I feel like a kid waiting for Saturday cartoons waiting for these. Except it’s during night except the UK.

  25. Wow. Watermark is the awesome

  26. Hahha. Love your summary of it. Def feels like that here in U.S.

  27. Most entertaining

  28. Massive is the word 😉

  29. Made me crazy for more

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