EA To Haunt/Screw Up PS3 Left 4 Dead…Maybe

That's us trying to get away from another EA Port. Where is Gordon when you need him? Stuck in a wall on the PS3 maybe.

That's us trying to get away from another EA port. Where's Gordon when you need him? Probably stuck in a wall for the PS3 version of The Orange Box.

We like EA. So what’s going to happen with Left 4 Dead, apparently no longer a Xbox 360 & PC exclusive? The same thing with Half Life: The Orange Box. Another bad port? Probably. It would definitely explain why the title will haunt the PS3 owners.

While Left 4 Dead is a great game itself, apparent from all the numerous awards it won from our prestigious WhatIfGaming Prize: Overall Best of E3 2008 Awards,  it seems that a bad port is more than inevitable if the same team that developed for The Orange Box is developing Left 4 Dead.

If EA Canada is developing this, I’ll be happy. But if it is the same dev team (which it most likely is), then what’s the point?

Nothing is for sure though. We recently interviewed Doug Lombardi nearly weeks ago, and he told us that no publisher came to Valve at all. Could it be that EA came to Valve so quickly after seeing our interview? Maybe. But something just does not seem exactly right here. If it is, I guess every PS3 owner should be a bit worried.

Fool me once…shame on you, fool me twice…shame on me.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.


  1. Uh oh. This will suck.

  2. Another bad PS3 port. Can’t wait!

  3. We’re all super screwed

  4. I think the guy upstairs hates PS3 owners hahaha. Especially me : (

  5. This is going to suck major.

  6. ;-(

  7. We’re really being punished as PS3 owners ahaha

  8. Suckage!

  9. ;(

  10. Why couldn’t it be anyone else than EA? I mean seriously. Valve..are you JOKING?!?!?!

  11. The chances of screwage is very high.

  12. EA is porting this game to PS3, and its going to be SERIOUS fail.

  13. WhatIfGaming, help! Please let us know if this load of BS is true

  14. Disaster.

  15. Utter disaster if it’s EA. EA canada, I agree. But EA OB…DISASTER

  16. Yeah, my heart stopped reading this. BUMMER

  17. This is major suck.

  18. Ultimate failure = EA ports

  19. Who in their f—ing right minds would buy this ??!?!

  20. I have a PS3 and even I wouldn’t buy it. I’m definitely getting this for PC. More mods, more players, more options.

  21. Did I mention more stable ? By the way, nice article.

  22. Horrible port to come on PS3. yay.

  23. Oh how delightfully terrible :(

  24. Why bother EA? Why bother.

  25. I want to smack the guy who approached valve from EA side so hard.


    ceebz replied on August 3rd, 2008 1:45 AM:

    I agree there completely

  27. This is about as bad as it gets. When EA wants to have another port after failing miserably for the first one

  28. Usman, you should totally know better, lmfao! 😛

    Listen, it probably won’t be as good as the 360 version, obviously. BUT you must take into fact, the following;

    1. The Orange Box port to PS3 was not THAT bad, only thing really ‘bad’ about it was TF2, and that was only for some people, other then that the port was ok.

    2. It has been almost 10 months or so since the OB port, meaning they may know that hardware better, to an extent.

    3. The Orange Box contained, 5 games? That takes a lot of time to port and perfect. This game, will only be ONE game, not many separate title, therefore it may be easier for them to port.

    4. It’s EA, they have heard and even responded to the MASSIVE complaints on the OB. The people spoke loud and clear, and I think EA knows they were pretty vocal about their hate towards the OB port. Therefore EA KNOWS people are looking down at them with this one, as well as watching them to see how it will turn out. So the likeliness of them making large mistakes is very minimal, because they know what they did before, they know how people reacted, and they know people are watching them and telling them to do what’s right this time.

    BAM, 4 reasons why the port will NOT suck… that bad at least.

    PCTechNerd replied on August 3rd, 2008 2:47 AM:

    I think you’re high.

    1. It was that bad. Say it to the 15,000 unanswered questions under BUGS/other issues in the official EA forums.

    2. 10 months yes. But this is EA. They’ve been trying to do everything they can. And YOU should know better. He’s speaking strictly in terms of the same team that deved orange box

    3. Give me a break. Either do all 5 games right, or don’t do them at all. Are you EA PR on here? That sounds more like an excuse than anything. But I agree to give them a chance, and he says that in his article.

    4. I don’t know if you were under a heavy rock, but almost everything of what you said to their response was wrong. They barely answered any questions, barely gave any remarks, more like shi–ed it out and got it through the door.

    Fact is, I can’t believe that EA will let the same team that deved on the OB do the same L4D.

    BUT THEN AGAIN, as his article states: NOTHING is confirmed.

    This is VERY VERY odd.

    wiseguy272 replied on August 3rd, 2008 2:48 AM:

    Agreed. Where have you been Sentry? haha

  29. I think ill prolly get L4D on PC anyways Whoknows though

  30. LMFAO, people are so negative. Ignore the facts.

    I played Orange Box just fine, honest. Only problems were with TF2, which at the time I had no online so that didn’t bother me much. I played Portal just fine, and I played Half Life (all episodes) just fine.

    I said this will be easier to port since its only one game, not 5 games. Ffs, get off my ass lol, I was talking to Usman not you. 😉

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