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The Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition went on sale March 11 and retails for $19.99, telling serious video gamers all they already knew: the highest scores and a complete look at the history of video games. Hey, not bad for 20 buckeroos right? One thing is for sure: with the seal of Guinness World Records to the front, the gaming records will not just grace the eyes of every ice cream 13 year old licking hardcore gamer, but will also allow those casual gamers an in-depth look at gaming history and what it became today. Doug Parsons of Guinness World Records had to just get out his anticipation over what this all exactly means:

Up until now, Twin Galaxies (a game score keeper company) organization out of Iowa, has been maintaining the video game world records. So we decided it was time to make it a more national and global brand and take the records from Twin Galaxies, incorporate them into the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition, and make it more publicly known….Video games are the number one hobby among boys, so we thought now was the time, with all the movies coming out focusing on video game high scores and all the next generation consoles are out. It was a time to print its own annual edition.

Woah..woah. Wait a minute. Among boys? How dare you sir! Adults too! What if by boys he actually means the adults too? Get your pitchforks everyone! Or just get $20 and buy the book.

Gamers Get World Record Book

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