Liberty City Is Hard To Discover, Unless You Have A Guide

Liberty City is one heck of a big place. You can walk around for hours, and never quite understand all of it or even discover all of it, but rest assured there’s a guide to help you in that. The Grand Theft Auto IV Signature Series Guide is the guardian angel of an exclusive relationship between Rockstar Games and BradyGames, offering fans of the series all they need to know to come out king on top. Written by Tim Bogenn and Rick Barba, the guide is comprised of 288 pages with a 10-page foldout full of information that would take someone on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 years to amass. With such a valuable resource in hand, gamers will come to not just do whatever is needed to be done in Liberty City but mostly live life in the city to its fullest.

The guide does not like to confuse people, and lets them know how to get to whatever it is they need. The table of contents is color coded in terms of every different chapter the game inexplicitly has. The top edges are labeled clearly to allow for easy search without always needing to go back to the table of contents. The left edge states if it’s a main story walkthrough and the right edge state what person/mission chapter you’re looking into, along with the great color scheme. Before flipping into the main structure of the pages, the readers are given a general layout to let them know what to expect from the city other than the not so helpful game manuals with the actual game. The basics outline everything from vehicles, to helicopters and even the GPS system. Want to know what not to do to avoid getting your ass hauled to jail? The police wanted levels are discussed in extraordinary detail with the Xbox 360 achievements, including all the weapons listed with their symbols to aid in your crime frenzy.

The guide wastes no time to get started with the main walkthrough of the story and jumps right in. It does not just chart a bunch of information, but it manages to strike a great balance of ease to read and information that takes literally hours to find or learn. As they always say, the more you know the better it gets. Taking a look at a page such as the one above, each mission starts with a general outline. Mostly every page layout contains maps with special weapons and also a general thumbnail map of where the event takes place in Liberty City. So, you can know what to expect when you’re heading to Bohan. Tight streets and narrow paths. After the map is spotted, the specific mission is broken down by handy symbols as stepping stones needed to take to complete a mission, following a 1-2-3 type layout. With each mission point come handy screen caps that show exactly what you can expect to see from that specific accomplishment of a step in a mission, which is amazing for someone to get right into it and know just what he/she needs to be looking out for.

Ever wonder what happens if you were to kill a specific NPC or try your luck at fooling the game? No need to waste your time here as every possible condition is charted on a sidebar layout. Starting with “Mission Objectives,” the sidebar bullet point layout states the things needed to do in a general summary. Then come the Prerequisites, fail conditions, and then the very handy “New Elements Introduced.” The new elements introduced really manages to tie the backbone of the game’s structure with everything from how hot dog’s work to even the concept introduction to dates and manages to fuse an incredible insight into new elements discovered from all this to internet, smuggling, and what not.

Aside from Main Story Walkthrough, the multiplayer modes and ranks are covered in great detail. Not only are there general summaries of each mode, but also tips in getting the most from whatever role you’re playing. The only snafu comes in the fact that the Multiplayer Mode section is right next to the ending page for the Main Story Walkthrough.

Some sort of page cover-upper or method to hide that ending would have just been awesome, but people will just have to make sure they know the ending before stepping into the Multiplayer section of the guide. Gamers can always flip to the back and go backwards page by page until they reach the 1st page of the multiplayer section, but it can get tedious unless you know the exact page number.

The BradyGames’ Grand Theft Auto IV Signature Series Guide is a must buy for anyone looking to say that they’re confident in their abilities in knowing everything inside and out within Liberty City. The guide does not leave out one piece of broken glass or cardboard box and guarantees players get the most from a game with so many secrets to discover and opportunities to take advantage of. For a $20.00 price point, all the hours put into this guide are definitely worth getting for every GTA IV gamer, even if you’re not just a fan. So go ahead, and pick this guide up which is available now at retail locations everywhere.

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