LinkSys E4200 Wireless-N Router Review: Remarkability Meets Elegance

The LinkSys E4200 Wireless-N Router defines a new genre of maximum performance wireless capabilities ever seen in a Wireless-N Router all with the idiosyncrasies of class and elegance combined with ease and portability. The LinkSys E4200 Wireless-N Router provides a stability that has been tested and delivers the most accurate performance rates of any router we have seen from manufacturers such as Belkin, D-Link, and more. With the capability of dual band technology, enthusiasts are able to double their network bandwidth with simultaneous dual-band N 2.4 and 5GHz spectrum, making sure to prevent interference from wireless phones, devices, and other connections utilizing the IEEE 802.11 wireless air interface standards of 2.4GHz. The LinkSys E4200 delivers on a lot of bandwidth ends brilliantly through Dual-Band, Wi-Fi Security, and furthermore UPnP USB capability with refinement.

The LinkSys E4200 Wireless-N Router holds a level of plug and play capability that is simply astonishing in its setup and presentation. The sleekly designed black-shaded router with a silver lining shows the golden opportunities that wait in the dual-band module of IEEE 801.11n standardization sets. Along with the box, an Ethernet cable and a sleek blue CD packaging with customized software shows the very user-interface presentations that Cisco and LinkSys are known to provide. The LinkSys E4200 Wireless-N Router is connected, and the setup screen detects the router without any hassles, providing a streamlined interface of installation and hassle-free connection most LinkSys users are familiar with. Immediately, from the inception of the connection, the LinkSys E4200 Wireless-N Router reveals a level of connectivity that articulates on its maximum performance not just in connectivity but in user-friendly connection and style.

The LinkSys E4200 Wireless-N Router has a lot of incredible features and the ones to focus on include the Wi-Fi security and setup, Dual-Band Performance, and lastly the UPnP Media Server. To begin with, Wi-Fi Security comes in SPI firewall protection, or state packet inspection firewall. This is one of the highest-classes of firewalls available aside from the Microsoft firewall server routers with 10 encryption layers. This stateful firewall can carry massive parameters such as IP addresses, packet types and integrity checks, along with ports involved in query connections and the very packet numbers in a connection; all of these build up the state of the connection.  The LinkSys E4200 Wireless-N Router performs security to a great extent, and this carries through to the setup of the Wi-Fi, making it concise and moreover easy to understand the settings of both a 2.4GHz access point versus the other protocol types.

Dual-Band has always seen a history of intermittent performance, subject to the lack of standardization between the 2.4GHz and 5GHz ranges. While some routers exist on the 3.6GHz spectrum, most utilize 2.4GHz, including the optimum premiere offering. Not to say some are worst than others, there is a type of interference which indeed takes place as one can see from devices that detect the Wi-Fi interference RF spectrum patterns. The LinkSys E4200 Wireless-N Router served up an efficiency of 95% even, calculated through wireless tests done not subject to cell phones or devices, but pure receivers that take the raw signal and utilize it rather than trying to test phones or PC’s. With this device, we were able to gauge that out of 450 Mbps Wi-Fi, the LinkSys E4200 Wireless-N Router pulled an extraordinary ~422-427 Mbps capacity. This immediately validated the performance through a series of 4 more tests in real-world capability through our Fibre lines. The router performs these tasks of Wi-Fi transmission to an unbelievable level, which is something anyone paying the full $180 MSRP will be satisfied with. On top of all of this, the UPnP server is an additional delight, giving home network users the ability to link their media across various sources and share them with a built-in space or an external USB drive. The LinkSys E4200 Wireless-N Router delivers dependability and surprise through its features, which becomes new and exciting for router technologies.

The LinkSys E4200 Wireless-N Router meets a level of standard and functionality that is rare to get for such a great package price of $180 MSRP, especially in this day and age. It offers that security for anyone seeking it, music and media for those wanting it, and finally workflow and dependability for everyone that needs it and always wants it.

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