LittleBigBetaKeys – WhatIfGaming 400 US Keys Giveaway!

We have received our keys from Sony for the beta, and you all already know how we feel about this game. To celebrate the LBP beta, we are giving away 400 keys we just received.

Winners must send an e-mail to UPDATE: –Contest Now Over– and answer the following prompt in 5 sentences reply. Oh yeah, we are not kidding around here. To those beta key crawling folk, do not spam us with multiple e-mails. Seriously. 1 E-mail only or that’s automatic disqualification.

All winners WILL be announced (last name initial only) eventually.

Make sure to put your First and Last name in the e-mail.

Prompt: If you could take one character from any video game, and add him/her to LittleBigPlanet, who would it be and why?

Good Luck! Don’t let these slip away people.

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