Live Blogging Blizzard WWI + Diablo III Conference: WhatIfGaming Important Hour (Diablo III)


Diablo III is official finally and also for the MAC (Jeanne Marie just confirmed)!!! We are very excited.

We are at the 1st row, center and seated at the Blizzard Entertainment Worldwide Invitational at the Porte de Versailles Exposition Centre in Paris. Transition to the Diablo III Press Conference.

  • We are hungry. Time for a snack.
  • Loads of other PR stuff
  • Expect one “hell” of a game. Har har.
  • Not only is community being improved, but so are voice commands.
  • Co-op is the key to all of it. “We really see the single-player and co-operative play as the same thing,” says Jay.
  • “The biggest thing we have to help us protect against piracy is the community.”
  • “Diablo is not a mod-friendly game because of random nature,” says Jay. Mods haven’t been a big focus. It’s difficult with this title.”
  • ___________Diablo III Conference Commencing____________________
  • Fire Dancers Approach Stage And Conclude
  • Fighting with a huge lizard (looks intense for the graphics engine)
  • Shows vast land, and a bunch of battles with zombies
  • “Diablo III is a first and foremost co-operative gaming experience.”
  • Going out into the wild with a witch doctor to show very improved gameplay.

  • “More quests and stories than in any other Diablo games. “
  • Greater technology increases mass power of AI on screen. Shows a ton of zombies.
  • Each class is unique as usual, and “more complex than ever.”
  • Next up, they release footage to journalists regarding combat in their central dungeon, one main level in Diablo III.
  • They show the characters and the primary focus on the details as they demo the game.
  • Lead designer’s come out on stage to a huge applause.
  • Diablo III’s storyline will start 20 years after the events of Lord of Destruction and that the length of the 3rd iteration will be about the same as the 2nd to make a whole “package.”
  • Diablo III “is finally here. No more crying about it.”
  • Candle is burning under the dark.
  • People are yelling.
  • Diablo I music plays

Note: We didn’t bother taking photos. They are being released to us, and we will spam you with them later. I can already see some have it up. Savor them

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