Loco Roco Better Than Books

Loco EdumacationIn some cases anyway. A school in the city of Japan’s Chiba is giving way to a new method of teaching their fractions.

With Sony Computer Entertainment by their side, the non-profit organization ACE – the Association of Corporate and Education – came up with a way of teaching multiplication and division of fractions to children using the LocoRoco characters to explain problems that make these kids scratch their heads in angst.

The aim of the session was to explain the method logically so that students would understand why the method works. The overall fanciful presentation was based around a Flash game with the LocoRoco characters following a story that saw the concepts being explained, followed by worksheets for practice. Fun.

The teachers themselves were impressed, noting that students didn’t get bored because of the story and that teachers seemed to actually have fun themselves this time around. Daisuke Fujikawa, board chairman of ACE, was proud stating:

There are things that are difficult to teach in normal classes, but I think that they can be explained well by using the charm that games have We think of today as being the starting point of our activities, which we hope to expand this much further in the future.

Wait a second, you’re telling me that video games can actually be of some use. Like teaching morals, an intricate story to engage people, or even math problems? Get out of town. No, seriously. Fuck off.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.

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