Lost Planet 2 Review – Survival Of Humanity

Lost Planet 2 takes players back into the hearkened mist of the snowy peaks and the mountain tops of E.D.N III. An entire decade has passed and E.D.N III has changed to adapt to the interactions with the now-defunct Project Frontier. Terraforming efforts have allowed the ice to melt and luscious jungles with purveying areas of deserts to form. Players experience the bitter wilderness of the E.D.N  III world by attempting to take control of the environment with an incredible arsenal of weaponry against the native Akrid enemies, and an incredible storyline that spans across 6 interactive storyline experiences. Lost Planet 2 is much more evolved from its predecessor in more ways than one and is a game that reveals the newfound sense of cooperative gameplay action from the single-player campaign teams to the online cooperative mode that makes it a title that is worth the gaming hours spent despite the frostbite.

The extant life forms of the colony on Lost Planet 2 and the 6 story experiences are all part of a snow-pirate’s job. Lost Planet 2 comes with a storyline significantly more evolved and different than the first one. With the first one, players became a revengeful-seeking amnesia case Wayne Holden that sought to kill the person responsible for the murder of his father, who tried to stop Project Frontier.  It has been nearly a decade and E.D.N. III starts off in an environment that left off in the beginning: lush forests and harsh deserts. The game focuses on the civil war for T-ENG (Thermal-ENerGy). Players this time control several different factions for 6 unique interconnected episodes. Yuri’s Snow Pirates, NEVEC (Neo-Venus Construction) and other groups that fight the large insect Akrid race native to the world are just the many few trying to dominate the land for human habitation after Earth crumbled. Lost Planet 2 presents a dynamic storyline that is fueled with modesty, and incredible voice acting that leads way to an ongoing struggle and the continuing formation and fight for resources and indomitable challenge of humanity.

Lost Planet 2 comes with an incredible single-player mode that realizes the outline of the storyline episodic content through gameplay that bases itself on the original, but seeks to further enhance the inaccuracies and repetitive nature of Lost Planet. Many gameplay features and elements return, particularly in minor-retrospect: Vital Suits (VSs). Along with boss battle challenges and harsher conditions than only snow, the elements are very co-op based within the gameplay. Players can control the VSs’s while certain teammates of either faction cling to the sides and shoot down enemies. Carrying on the enhancement, VSs’ have the ability to fly and contribute a decent portion of the title’s substance with unlimited flying time.  The most notable change within the single-player campaign includes character customization, which leads to an increased feel of freedom and RPG elements. Choices within the game contribute to this customization and feel for an increased RPG state with Lost Planet 2. Characters can edit gestures, and weapons to create a dynamic and unique feel to the single-player campaign aside from every choice, however limited, affecting every storyline arch.

The single-player carries an improved trend through Thermal-Energy not being drained.  The warmer climate can sustain T-ENG presence much longer in comparison to colder climates. As such, energy can be drained only if a player pilots VSs and uses a weapon that focuses on this energy. T-ENG can also be lost through thermal change by completing one entire sprint with a character. The distribution system of Lost Planet 2 allows a player that has lost energy to take energy from another player or teammate.  Through the campaign journey, players will earn more points for playing in a unique manner and completing extra objectives in missions, expanding the gameplay time and focus to a whole new level.

One of the best features of Lost Planet was the original unique and not rehashed Lost Planet modes. Players can choose to compete in a 16-player multiplayer match through nine different maps and 5 game modes in total: Data Post Battle, Akrid Egg Battle, Fugitive, Elimination, and Team Elimination. The best part about the change in multiplayer is the addition of the two new modes — Egg Battle and Points — is the cooperative campaign action. Players can group together to take down a large Akrid and complete dependent missions that are key to objectives in the action and rush of the multiplayer experience.

Lost Planet 2 is a remarkable title that improves upon the first quite heavily from its debut on December 21st, 2006. The single-player mode has built on to the gameplay stratum through varied enemy types and furthermore increased VSs gameplay, which all conclude into the dynamic storyline in a 6-episodic content form. The multiplayer mode itself is expanded, despite certain repetitive modes common to a lot of third-person shooters. With incredible changes to both campaign and multiplayer modes of play, Lost Planet 2 sees a rapid and drastic change that is still attuned to the traditional and engaging storyline. Lost Planet 2 delivers action combined with a desperate survival of adventure that creates a terrific dichotomy and storyline of humanity struggling to find its place in the world.

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