Madcatz Xbox 360 Transport Bag Review – Durable Steel

Xbox 360 Transport Case Review

For those of us who like to take our Xbox 360 to our friend’s house or other social gatherings, Madcatz has made a wonderful carrier for the Xbox 360. Finding a way to transport consoles around has always been a challenge. To have the complete security of your $400.00 console, Madcatz has created an amazing transport system that is durable, dependable and moreover incredible.

The Xbox 360 Messenger Bag simply solves all the transport problems you need. The design of the bag is quite simple. It has a main pocket with a primary middle pocket holder for the Xbox 360. At the bottom of the main pocket, there is a padded divider which folds up allowing you to store your AV cables, power pack and power Cord. Once the power cords are stored the divider folds down and acts as a padded floor for your Xbox 360 to rest on. In terms of space, the MadCatz review accessory is simply incredible with the additional seperate holsters to the side which fit an enormous amount of stuff such as 4 entire Xbox 360 games in total.

Once your 360 is situated inside the main pocket, the extra padding in the pocket allows for extra protection for your console. The middle pocket is capable of holding up to 4 360 controllers. The provided one mesh-zipped pocket that are located in front of the middle pocket followed by 2 mesh pockets on each side of the bag are great for storing extra cables you might have.

In terms of simple and effective carrying, the Madcatz Xbox 360 Transport Bag is a must-have for anyone looking to secure their Xbox 360 during travel and international/domestic flights. Just make sure to take it out during customs and security checks while treating it at a laptop. The comfort of the bag auspiciously carries the Xbox 360 so much that it often makes us forgetful we are even carrying anything.

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