Maleficent Review: Sleeping Beauty Reawakened


Maleficent is all about the power of womanhood and how trust is often found in the people we least likely expect it to be. Michael Stromberg directs the visual fantasy of Maleficent, which focuses on the evil Disney villain Maleficent of the same name that has been left often vague in past animated titles by Disney in Sleeping Beauty.

As a young woman, Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) happily grows up in a beautiful forest kingdom, filled with visual greenery along with flowing rivers and happy forest creatures prancing around in their day to day lives. Unfortunately due to a terrible betrayal by someone she thought she could trust, Maleficent turns from a peaceful protector of the forest to a ruthless stone-hearted queen that places a curse on Aurora (Elle Fanning) – the new king Stefan’s (Sharlto Copley) daughter.  Maleficent is filled with a lot of action, beautiful scenery and intense action sequences that may be slightly over the top for little children but is a general delight for the more mature family as a whole.

Constantly as Maleficent was playing, I could not help but wonder what spectacular direction every scene has, and Angelina Jolie’s performance was nothing short of wonderful. Sadly a good part of the end of the movie did not pan out considering the lack of character development overall that there was. Aurora and Maleficent’s relationship felt sort of skimmed upon and Maleficent’s internal mindset was never made quite clear, which leads the audience confused at the basic premise as to why Maleficent became enlightened for the child even if by accident. All in all Maleficent is a decent movie that anyone who wants to see with their entire family most certainly can.

Rating: 2.5/5 stars

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