Mario Party: Island Tour Review – Move Back 4 Spaces

Mario Party: Island Tour reinvigorates the Mario Party franchise on the 3DS but has lackluster gameplay which leaves more to be desired. The gameplay takes the traditional elements which made Mario Party so fun, and adds a newer overlay and more games for any gamer that is looking for their board-game digital adventure. Unfortunately, the adventure does get cut short with this title.

Mario Party: Island Tour returns with a cast of characters that have history in the Nintendo franchise that initiate a fun which lasts well for family members looking to play the title or friends who delve into Nintendo nostalgia. Download Play with Mario Party: Island Tour allows for anyone with a 3DS to play the game without having to own it themselves or having to buy it from Nintendo’s eShop.

Once the party is hosted, players will be familiarized to the same board-style gameplay which involves hitting a six-sided dice block numbered 1-6 where there is a race to the end of the board. There is no star count like the Mario Party game from the Nintendo DS, but this is an exciting element that creates less tension in competition and more in terms of fun race-style games to the end. The minigames in Mario Party: Island Tour are varied, using motion control and a lot of muddled mechanics for a total of 80 new minigames. While the games are much shorter, the excitement seems more bite-sized and not repetitive. The only problem exists in the actual execution of the minigames, where there is a lot more left to be desired in terms of fun. The 3D autostereoscopic effects are focused on decent pop-out, so 3D enthusiasts will enjoy their cup of tea and cake. Players can also take advantage of special spaces that can create crazy situations such as a big bullet knocking a bunch of players off in a row.

Mario Party: Island Tour brings the boardgame back into the mobile platform world but is something which most players will want to skip

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