EA Craves More Time For Ads

Apparently, EA wasn’t just happy enough having a one 1/2 year contract deal with Massive, the New York based ad agency owned by Microsoft. Last Tuesday, they upped their ante and smacked down money for an extension of ad support for over 2 years with the ad firm, who will still continue to support in-game ads via Burnout for 360 as well as for the Need For Speed series on the PC and Xbox 360. Why? So, that they would not have to have sad faces for rushing all the advertisements weeks prior to a product’s launch. The huge publisher is allowed to plan months in advance for advertisements this time around. According to Cox spokesman for Massive, it helps to lighten the load near launch of a product, and lets every department flesh out the inner-workings further.

It helps us build processes with Massive to help integrate the ad-integration process…and make it more streamlined. We do not want to be shoehorning [in-game ads] into games at the last minute.

Whatever the deal is, we are sure that the publishers will have a longer time to focus for ad campaigns that strategically match the gaming atmosphere. Finally! What if we will not have to see random ads for things like Revlon on Burnout? It is a dream come true.

EA Extends Masive In-Game Ad Deal

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  1. As long as i don’t see a Coca~Cola billboard in SPORE, i could care less. This is ad deal is mostly for EA’s sport games, which i do not play. And if i did, it would probably piss me off, because i hate advertising, unless it makes me laugh, and i rarely find commercials and advertising funny.

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