Max Payne 3 Review: Millenia

Guns, incessant parties, and booze-drinking losers with lots of money are all common themes in the new lie of Max Payne in São Paulo, Brazil. Rockstar Games presents another gut-wrenching journey into the life of Max Payne, the loveable yet easily narcissistic schmoozer that loves to make it a field day out of thugs with guns for hire. Max Payne 3 provides an incredibly parapsychological journey into what it is to fall so low in a world where nothing is perfect. Brilliant game mechanics combined with an insatiable lust for blood and justice in a justice void world fuels a protagonist into a storyline that is tragic as it is action adventure packed.

The storyline of Max Payne 3 hits you in unimaginable ways, from melancholic depression to borderline sarcastic edges. This Max Payne 3 is more of a dark-comedy film that veers more on dark as is typical to Max Payne’s painful past, but even more so the retrospective thoughts that haunt him. The constant gritty in-scene cinematic dialogue changes hone in on a fast-paced rough cut style that is raunchy with narrative that is engagingly fatalistic about life. Max Payne has started to work as a bodyguard for a rich family in São Paulo, Brazil for the Branco family. Something goes awry at a company party and things go from bad to worse sooner than Max ever anticipates. The storylines plot narrative has just the right amount of twists and clues in the actual gameplay sequences that make for an extended storyline arc that is engaging, and Max’s narratives help the process of pacing.

Max Payne 3’s gameplay is relatively simple in terms of the RAGE engine, but this is not to say simple is not fantastical. A lot of the game incorporates the traditional slow-motion technology but one that has been revamped to include a slow-down camera angle view when shooting the last enemy which is empowering (if you like seeing slow deaths of crooked enemies who think they are tough). The only other aspect of gameplay that is focused is in the level of gun combinations and how you can dual-wield but can also carry a primary in one hand while switching off to single gun styles or dual-wielding aspects. In any case, this leaves little room in terms of much freedom when it comes to Max Payne 3. While there is a lot of gun combat, a majority of the game mission structure focuses on run and gun and a type of mode where you protect someone from danger of being shot themselves with a sniper rifle or what not. This itself is a disarming prospect that mission structure is not widely varied, but the gun style along with the storyline pacing makes this type of style relatively great to play.

Online multiplayer of Max Payne 3 revolves around Gang Wars and a variety of modes from traditional Deathmatch to Team Deathmatch.  The online multiplayer is largely simplistic as well, but Gang Wars mode is fun as mayhem ensues and pits teams against each other relatively quickly.

Max Payne 3 provides a lot of bullet to the face action through its 12 hour long campaign and a majority of this campaign is action packed. While the combat and multiplayer are relatively simple, they provide an immense measure of action that is still entreating to the senses. Max Payne 3 invites players to feel a surge of gun mayhem in stores near them.

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