Medal of Honor Allied Assault Review: Where Are My Special Abilities?

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is a decent PC title by Electronic Arts which is the most realistic one of its time. The WWII-themed title is great, but there is a slight level of disappointment in a title that serves up realism so brilliantly. Like any other shooter, Medal of Honor follows the trends as a run and gun shooter. There is a lot of incredible scripting, via the breach on Normandy mockup scene in the game, and even more carnage that most shooters often seem to fall short on. Unfortunately, the title is too good but also too short where the entire package is just a good title that has problems in the end.

Storyline is split into six disconnected missions that span 30 different levels. Developers 2015 has added a lot of scripting to each mission and all the cutscenes are blended seamlessly with what is happening around you. You really feel like your teammate is hurt or wounded. The hurt of the team transitions brilliantly into the gunplay and moreover the amount of realism that ensues.

Gunfights are traumatic and there is incredible sound. The only issue gunfights displays are the problems of your viewpoint being knocked to the side, leaving players open to a hit and usually the recoil is too slow on this motion. Moving from different cover areas, to even open areas with wide shooting feels real despite the unrealism of taking in so many bullets and damage without dying. 2015 probably did this to avoid annoying players and attract more people into the title.

Medal of Honor is a great game in the end but one that has problems in terms of the lack of an original multiplayer concept, no real ranking or leaderboard system. It is going to be a while before another one of my idea’s, which I feel amount to only a few people, where we will see a game that allows multiplayer ranking and giving you rewards based on special abilities or perks. Who knows? It might happen one day, and Medal of Honor just might take the game further if they can grasp that component.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.

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