Medal of Honor Frontline Review – Here We Go Again

Medal of Honor Frontline is an incredible PlayStation 2 title that has beautiful visuals, and more over better voice acting than some of the previous iterations. The title will give console owners a real surprise as to how incredible it truly is, included with how decent it is in comparison to Allied Assault for the PC.  Frontline follows the same Medal of Honor trend as a run and gun shooter. The title in its own right is great, but once again with problems in terms of connectivity for multiplayer and LAN issues which bog it down in terms of the chunk for PlayStation 2 owners: multiplayer.

Medal of Honor Frontline takes place with one of my most studied offensive battles – World War II: Operation Market Garden a plan that ultimately failed and would have ended the war in Europe. Lieutenant James Patterson is a sole soldier that is hoping to bring some sabotage. Unfortunately, things fall through and the Nazi antagonist and his soldiers might just have the upper hand, which we will not reveal here.

Gunfights are incredible once again. And also once again, the only issue gunfights displays are the problems of your viewpoint being knocked to the side, leaving players open to a hit and usually the recoil is too slow on this motion. Moving from different cover areas, to even open areas with wide shooting feels real despite the unrealism of taking in so many bullets and damage without dying.

Medal of Honor Frontline is a decent console shooter, one with a concept but one with another equally disappointing multiplayer. Once again, I have been speaking to people at Activision and they might be developing an idea similar to mine in where players earn perks. If Activision can do this, Medal of Honor better watch out.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.

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